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April 27, 2015

OKOKOK.....I will not freak out too much, buuuuut! WE´RE GETTING IPADS NEXT WEEK! Hallelujah! The 21st century has arrived!!!! Yay!!!!! Also, we will be Skyping our family 3 days after receiving our IPads. Do you know what this means? No locotorios to Skype! (Locotorios = grungy businesses with computers and phone booths shoved into a room. They´re my life, but the germ factor and the unreliability kinda scare me for skyping.) OK, so there's my natural man. Now moving on to the other benefits. No more weight in our bags! Well not as much! Yay! I think my body has aged a good 20 years on the mission. Now our backs won't be aching after long days. Also sharing videos and Mormon messages with investigators and others. I never really knew this before my mission, but the Church has an incredible source of inspiring videos and movies, all online! As well as music and other helpful things to help bring the Spirit! Next time you're browsing online I would suggest watching a Mormon message or two! Also I am so excited to have the resources that will be so readily available. I can´t wait to write my next talk! 

Speaking of talks: I was asked to give a talk yesterday in church. I began with how some of my first memories involved Dad taking us out into the mountains to search for arrowheads. It didn't matter if we were camping or riding or just on a Sunday drive, Dad´s eyes would always be searching on the ground. Then I related it to finding people who are prepared for the gospel. We've got to be always searching and looking for those prepared. Thought Dad would enjoy the little life lesson learned from him. :)

Next up: MIRACLES!!!! Tuesday morning we had a return lesson with one of our new investigators from last week. We headed out in the morning to the lesson, rang her apartment number and the woman's voice that responded said she didn't want anything. Yup. Well. We were on the same street as some of our favorite members, whose wife (E.) had told us to come visit her sometime. So we decided to pass by since we were in the neighborhood and when we entered their house I immediately saw E's sister (Es.).  Lemme just tell you a little about Es. She served a mission in Peru. Then she came home, married a man who didn't like the church and became inactive. She served a mission. She had a daughter with the man. She served a mission. She still was inactive. The day we passed by she was at her sister's house because she and her husband are now splitting up. The minutes before we entered she had been telling her brother-in-law how she needed to return to church. Then we entered and Hna Berry shared 2 Nephi 27:23. God truly is a God of miracles. Es. came to church on Sunday

I can´t even begin to tell you how deeply this has touched my heart. She served a mission, but she still went inactive. Nobody is invincible. I tell myself I will never let go, but as set as I am in my path there are things that happen in life that don't seem like big things but can throw us off the path. It's not like Es. woke up one day and said to herself  "Well, that's it. I've tried. The Church just asks too much and I'm tired. I don´t think I'm going to go anymore." It's a matter of degrees. So it warms my heart to be able to help another sister, who I'm sure said that she would never been inactive. It warms my heart to know that I will always have my brothers and sisters in the church to help me. And family to be my base siempre. 

Now, the coolest part of the story!!!!  Remember the new investigator we went to go see who said she didn't want anything to do with us?  It wasn't her! Or something! We tried calling her later that day and she was like "No, that wasn't me! I didn't hear anything this morning!" Annnnd now the new investigator has a baptismal date for May. OK that´s it! :)

I love you all! Look for the miracles!

Love, Hna Finch

P.S. I cut my hair!!!! And it's super dark since I haven´t dyed it since I left on my mission! So weird! And when I say I cut my hair I mean I got it professionally cut!  By the time we were done, the lady at the salon asked if she could have a Restoration pamphlet for her clients to read and accepted her own Book of Mormon. This is how we do it. ;)

5 Questions:

1.  What is the best sight seeing attraction in Alcorcon?
     Ummm Alcorcón....has....no sight seeing honestly. hahaha It's got some pretty parks. Apparently there's some modern castles somewhere, but I haven't found them! 

2.  What has been your most spiritual moment with Hna Berry?
      Es.'s story. See Miracle: This week:) Yay!

3.  Do you have as many dinner appointment as you did in Alcala?
     We really suck at sending around a dinner calendar so we haven't had as many comidas, but it's ok, We sleep instead:) And I like sleep!

4.  What has been your most embarrassing moment in this area?
     Ummmmm I wish I could say...I honestly have embarrassing moments all the time they don't even faze me. Hehe

5.  Besides the fantastic pastries and churro chocolate - what is your favorite meal - main dish?
     Tortilla española! Yum! Also pollo con arroz! Or papá de guan cayína or ceviche! Umm it honestly depends on the country! We're pretty international here;)

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