Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Awesome Fireside

March 30, 2015

What a week! You gotta love how after a baptism it seems like your investigators just go down to -5. Haha. But it was actually necessary. Some of the most meaningful lessons on my mission I have learned are when the numbers are low. We spent a much larger portion than I am used to contacting in the streets. We've gotta find some new investigators! Time to bring these blessings to more people!

Speaking of our opportunity we have to spread the gospel by contacting let's just say....not my favorite thing. I love speaking with people, I really do! The thing that´s the hardest for me is the rejection that comes next. I do not like rejection. At all. But it's something we have to do as missionaries to help bring more people unto Christ.  So needless to say we always have realllly good plans and backup plans, cause when you have good plans you don't have to contact as much! Yay! But this week we were scratching the bottom of the barrel so last night when we got to go to a fireside by Brad Wilcox it was exactly what I needed....

So Brother Wilcox is just awesome.  He and his wife came to Alcalá the week before I left so I got to know them a little. They're in charge of the BYU students that do the Spanish study abroad.  He gives magnificent talks. I want to be able to talk like that when I am older....or now. I could do now. But he spoke on how it is our BIRTHRIGHT to share the gospel. 

Fun Fact: Birthright means if there are 5 brothers, when Dad dies, the inheritance gets split up into 5 portions and the oldest son gets a DOUBLE portion. In addition to the double portion of inheritance he also takes on the responsibility of caring for Mom and his sisters. Birthright = More inheritance, More responsibility.

We are children of  Israel and children of the covenant. Part of this covenant is to bring the knowledge of the gospel to the other children. So next time we ask "Why do I have to go to church?" Or "Why, the french toast, do I have to go out contacting in the rain today?" we must remember: We are children of the covenant. We were reserved for these latter days. And they were too. But we have knowledge of it! Everyone is of beloved son or daughter. But I am a trusted daughter. I am not a passenger. I am a part of the crew and have to do my part!

Brad Wilcox´s 4th verse of I am a Child of God:
I am a Child of God
Saved for latter days
with noble birthright given to me
that I must now repay.
Leading, guiding other children
to help them find their way.

He also issued an invitation to us and I'm gonna share it with you guys. This General Conference remember: The apostles aren't talking to the world. They are talking to the House of Israel. Especially those with patriarchal blessings. This of the responsibility of your tribe. We have to remember QUIEN SOY YO (WHO I AM)!

Love you alll!!!!! So much!!!! Also Thank you for the birthday wishes and packages!!!! Thank you Hna Chavez! I love you!

"P." brought birthday cake and my favorite peach juice and candles to our lesson on Monday:) Best guys ever:) He even sang me my own happy birthday song in English! 
Also bread.....I won´t even say how much of this I eat. To be truly Spanish you must have at least one bar of bread at every sitting of a meal. Pan (bread) life for life!

Da Pan!

So we made a box a cigarettes to help Carmen quit smoking. Tell me we are just the cutest hermanas ever;)  Each cigarette has a spiritual pick-me-up to help her along!

I love these hermanas!

Our district in front of the beautiful Madrid temple! 

AND I saw my two favorite people from Alcalá at the concert last night!!! "I." and "A."!!! 
I seriously love the Lovell's!  

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