Monday, April 20, 2015


April 20, 2015:

So there isn't a letter from Hermana McKenna today.  She and I talked for a few minutes back and forth while she was on.  She had a few questions about home and mission, but nothing for family and friends.  I went on her companion's blog and there isn't anything new there either!  So I went on her previous companion's blog and found a few pictures I hadn't been sent.  I sure hope it's OK to beg, borrow or I guess in this case - steal!  Love this dear daughter!  Looking at her happy face makes up for the lack of letter!  

Just before Hna Marsh was transferred they were all able to go to an amusement park!

In last weeks letter Hna McKenna wrote how when she comes home from intercambios her companions sing the primary song "I'm so glad when Hna Finch comes home!"  Then they climb upon her knee!

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