Monday, April 13, 2015

Back to Two :'(

April 13, 2015

So this week: I had exchanges again with Hna Vilariño. It´s so fun to be with Spanish sisters and just talk and talk and talk! I love it! And I learn so much! We were also able to visit "S." (the girl with the cancer) and we did her makeup and everything. It was so good to see her again. Especially cause we thought that we would never see each other again. Then when I got home my companions were hilarious and sang me "I´m so glad when Hna Finch comes home, glad as I can be" Then they jumped upon my knees. I sure to love the trio life. But here´s the twist...

TRANSFERS. And we've been changed Hna Marsh is headed off to the islands, hooray for her! Boo for us! She was a great companion. Definitely the most similar companion I've had on the whole mission and it was great. She is SUCH a hard worker and is so diligent. I learned so much from her about perseverance and control. I really am so sad to see her go. She´s only my second companion I've had for two transfers and I think the reason I've only had two is cause a little part of me has died with her and with Hna Fowers. After 3 months of being together for 24/7 you really get to know them and be completely comfortable of being with them. I love Hna Marsh! Go Spartans!

Well, that means that I'll be finishing up training Hna Berry alone. We´re both really gonna have to step it up and be the best possible. We've got this:) 

Other news: I'll be sister leader again, but this transfer instead of doing it alone, I will have another sister leader in my zone to help! Yay! It´ll be super nice not to have to do so many intercambios especially cause leaving will be a lot harder now that it's just Hna Berry and I.

Our investigator "I." is wavering with his baptismal date. He's had a few personal blows, but we're really gonna hit him hard this week. He's so prepared. He's already paying his tithing every week and everything. 

Love you all! Hna Finch!

So one of the members asked us to come by and teach their daughter a little about baptism before the big day. 

 After the lesson she and her sister taught us! We pretended to be the investigators of a different religion;)

How cute is he!?

 So fun to be with her on her big day!

Dropping off Hna Marsh.....:'(

 First day of normal companionship life for Hna Berry! We went to Sol! 

You know you're in Spain when the paella is cooked in the biggest thingy possible and the bread comes by the box!

Jeje;) It didn´t work....

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