Monday, April 6, 2015

Beautiful Conference Weekend

April 6, 2015

What a beautiful conference weekend!!! So everything this week started great with the Leadership Council Tuesday. Wow, I needed that experience. I really didn't even realize what a great resource Preach My Gospel is. It was definitely something necessary. On my mission I have never been more aware of all my faults and things I need to improve on, but I have also never felt more capable of changing all and becoming better.

One thing I really loved that I learned that we've implemented in our companionship and that I want to continue throughout my whole life is invite or mentioning to everyone that I'm a Mormon. Even in the mission there are people we pass on the streets and wave to everyday, but they haven't heard our message, or our friends/waiters at our favorite eating places. They know we're missionaries, but they don't know what we believe. So this week we went in search of everyone we know by glance that haven't heard our message: "J"-the lottery man we pass everyday. "A"-Our favorite Spanish man waiter at the churros and chocolate place. The cute girl that always gives us our bread at Bread and Co. We will get all of our friends! It's just an invitation for salvation.

So confession time....I usually don't talk to old people on the streets. It's that Spanish old people are super catholic, don't want to change, but do want to talk so you can literally waste 30 minutes listening to an old Spanish person, while other people pass you on the streets. BUT I contacted a Spanish woman the other day! Haha! And she was adorable. She still talked to us for a good 30 minutes, but she was actually reciting the history of the church for us without taking a breath to prove that she knew it. Cute! She's going on vacation to Toledo and won't be back until November, and doesn't have a cell phone, but we've got her address and we're definitely going to visit her when she comes back. 

Conference was great! We colored eggs with the sister in Mostoles and then went to their chapel to listen to the women's session and first session. But I have to say the best part of conference was going to a member's house ("R") and eating with her and her parents and listening to conference. I love this time of year!!!! I learned sooo much. There sure was a huge focus in the family. I would just like to personally rededicate Linda K. Burton´s talk to all of the men in my life, especially Dad and Garrett. You guys are the best. It's so often the the priesthood authorities tell us how specially we are as women, but to her her talk about the men in our life, oh! It just mirrored all my own feelings. I love you guys! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Leadership Conference:

Just for kicks and giggles!

MTC Reunites!  Hermana Seegmiller

My day of lost and founds. First a legit briefcase that I was having too much fun with, then a pair of giant shoes that my feet (with shoes) fit inside of!

Dying Easter eggs with the hermanas in Mestoles, just a few km west of Alcorcon.

My hermanas!

Compies finding a new path to "R"´s house for conference!

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