Monday, March 23, 2015

Feliz Compleanos

March 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to meeee! Happy Birthday to meee! Happy Birthday on my miss-ion! Happy Birthday to meeee! Yeah, no judging, but I'm totally milking this whole birthday thing. Every single day is the same so when you have one that´s not....CELEBRATION!!!! Holidays have actually been really great on the mission, like I'm slightly a little disappointed that I won't have very many, and true to form, my birthday so far has been great. A definite success. Basically cause my comps made me a cake for breakfast and brought it in to me with candles to wake me up. Best thing ever!!! So this week was pretty great and basically what happened was:

1. We started off the week with "R" (who had a baptismal date for Saturday) telling us, on Monday, that his dad was going to be gone so he couldn't get baptized Saturday. Lemme tell you. People fail us all the time, but his original baptismal date was for January...then March 7th, then March 21st. Then he tells us he's got to move it back AGAIN! Dah.... Needless to say, we were a little heartbroken. We had been waiting forever for this and he changed it AGAIN! Ugh. Sooo the beginning of the week kinda just had a sour taste from that.

2. "I"....I have had soo many mixed feelings about this man and I don´t think I can really go in to all of them, but suffice it to say that before we even taught him about tithing (we were actually planning to teach him about tithing that lesson, so perfect!) he brought in his own tithing and told us that it was for the Lord and he knows Joseph Smith is a prophet. So after many discussions, "I" has a date of baptism for April! 

3. We got a call Friday during medio día, right after we had just ended our fast to get out of the slump we were in for a miracle, and "R" told us that his dad would be there Saturday.....and he wanted to be baptized the next day. We planned, organized, and performed a baptism in less than 24 hours. And "get a load of this", I was on exchanges almost the WHOLE TIME! Luckily they were in the area where the baptismal font is, so while I organized everything on this side, Hnas Marsh and Berry were in our area organizing everything else. Ha! Shotgun baptism!!!! Woooo! "R" GOT BAPTIZED!!!!

4. Annd to finish up this week......I am now 20. Weird! It feels so weird to type that! Ahhh! Hahaha well guess I'm old now! Wooo! Have fun celebrating without me peeps! I'll be shopping in Europe so take that! ;)

"R"'s baptism!

One of the members made me a special meal with candles and cake:) I wasn't really prepared so I'll let you in on a little secret...The only days I get ready are the days I know I'm gonna take pictures...That day wasn't one of those days...Hehe :0

Breakfast birthday cake in bed!

My cute comps with my birthday surprise!

My study space by comps decorated!

My last day as a teenager I spent.......In the rain walking from backup plan to backup plan cause everyone failed us. Woooo:) Miracle of miracles though: We still had lessons! Wooo, Backup plans!!!! 

Hermana Turina

With our investigator "G".

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