Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What A Week!

September 29, 2014

What a week!!!! Ahhhh! I love Spain!!! And guess what?! Have I said this before? I´m starting to get Spanish! Like I can pretty much understand every sentence!!! Whoop whoop!!!! Thank you all soooo much for your prayers! I still have such a long way to go, but I love looking back to where I started and being amazed with all my progress! And that what´s really matters. That´s all the Lord is asking for us, just that we progress. Not that we are perfect, right there, right now, right here. Just that we are continuing to go forward. 
This week I went on two intercambios since my comp is in Hna Training Leader. The first was with Hna D. in Torrejón and the next day was with Hna H. from Alcobendas. And you´d never guess what Hna H. had! She´s from Canada and was showing me some pictures her parents had sent to her annnnndddd she had pictures of Bryce Canyon! I was super pumped and was like this is it! Hna! This is right by my home!!!! And then we kept looking and her parents had went through Panguitch right during the Balloon Festival!!! AHHHHH!!!! So this is when I really started freaking out - like dancing around the piso! Haha soooo she let me keep one of the pictures of Bryce Canyon and another of the Balloon Festival.  Hahahaha!!!! I love my town!!!! Rock on Canadians!
I also got the most fabulous package this week from the most fabulous family! Honestly, I don´t even know how they pull off all they´re fabulousness! Especially my mother! She put scriptures that fit on every single thing she sent me! My favorite was on the deodorant "for they do say that he doeth stinketh, but to me he does not stink"! Bahaha Mom, were you imagining John Byetheway´s voice when he says that? Because I sure was! 
We also got to go to a concert at the temple with my convert L. and another recent convert J. and W. The Sullivan´s did it and ohhh! It was soooo beautiful! They are so talented! I especially loved getting to see and visit everyone after the concert! Special shout out to the Waites, my abuelos on my mission! They got their visas at the same time as me and are going home with me!They are just the cutest couple ever! 
Oh and we went to lunch with Hna C. one last time! She left for England today! The other pictures I´m sending are from last PDay when we went to Sol and partied there:) I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! MUAH!!!!

We decided to melt chocolate over a candle during companion study, yep we have fun;) 

E. -  one of our recent converts who went back to Peru so we partied with her for one last time!

Hna D. and I.  

  Hna H.'s planner. Recognize those balloons Panguitch peeps?!

Hna H. and I. 

Last lunch with Hna C!

 My letters from my family at Plaza Cervantes. I read them as we walked, I couldn´t help it!
 I was so excited! 

McKenna finally got a package we mailed September 11th!!!  We really didn't think she was going to get it after the tracking said it was "undeliverable"!  I had just gathered some items and then Addison and I put scripture quotes on each item relating to it.  Regarding the package she said:
"That package was seriously the best thing of my life!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST MOM iN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!! Oh my world!!! How long did it take you to make that! Thank you so much for everything!!!! Like really! Everybody was super jealous! You are the best mom in all of the world!!! I love you! Those scriptures were so funny and fit everything so perfectly! And the pictures were perfect and the letters were so cute! That must have taken so long! Ohhhh! I love you!!!! I got all of it! The jam is almost gone! I couldn´t help it! It was sooo good! And the peaches tooo!!!!! YUM!!!!!! 

 We toured the old university in Alcala today! :)

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