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September 15, 2014

Well my first transfer in the field is down (WOW) and I've already got a new companion! Her name is Hna F. and I am so excited for her! She is absolutely fantastic from what I've been about to tell since we picked her up two hours ago! I'm super sad that Hna C. had to leave, but I know everything happens for a reason! I'm still technically in training for 2 weeks, but now I have to finish up my training while I area train! Dahhh! Yikes! But it´ll be great:) This sister: Hna F., I had actually seen when I was in the MTC because the temple is in her district. I had thought to myself that she would be a great trainer...I actually even mentioned it to President Lovell. Then when we went to the chapel to go get picked up by our trainers I caught myself looking for her and was shocked when she wasn't there I had felt so sure that she was going to be my trainer. So to have her finish training me just makes sense - like really. I am so excited to be with her. 
Last night we had a sleepover with the other Hna´s in our piso. Sooo fun! I love the missionaries!!! Our district is so great! I love serving with another sister companionship in our ward, everything just seems like so much more fun! 
I've been making phone calls. Whoop whoop! Which, I know, doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but when you´re as deaf as I am and you´re speaking to Spanish to someone on the phone it´s huge! Wooo!!! 
A funny from the other night - there´s these recent converts in our ward from Mexico that have us over to dinner every other week and make these real Mexican tacos and the best guacamole ever! Real Mexican food! And I can even handle the spice!!! Oh my gosh!! The other day when all the missionaries were eating with some members, the members had this sauce with whole red peppers in it and I thought you were supposed to eat them so I was like...oh well and just went for it. It was pretty hot, but I could handle it, it was just a little uncomfortable and I wasn't able to taste my food anymore, so I pushed all the peppers to the side and then I put them in my napkin so my plate would be clean. Well by this time the elders were like ohhh she can eat the whole red peppers... we can too! So they put like a TON of red peppers on their plate and were turning red and crying through the whole meal!! Bahahahaha!!! Sooooo funny!!!
Spain is great!!! I looooove you!!!

Had a sleepover with the other hnas last night and
 took some goodbye pictures before we left the piso!

A couple of last pics with Hna C., but while we were posing for the picture, some nasty man walked by and was like "beautiful" in a nasty creeper voice - hence the sour expression!

Picture perfect!

Mi nuevo companero!

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