Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Dungeons!

October 6, 2014

Well my beloved family and friends, I luuuuuuv you!!! And also BAYLEEEEEE you´re getting married this week!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!! AAhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Sooo back to Spain ;) 

This week we cleaned the dungeon - I mean basement - one of our recent converts. She lives in this huge apartment building, but in the basement of this complex there are storage compartments for all the apartments, it is like a maze of tombs down there! And it had never been cleaned yuck! 

One of our investigators (D.) also made us thee best food I have ever tasted in my life!  He got to the member´s house late though so we started the lesson (and it was such a good lesson!)  Oh I love having lessons at member´s houses!  Especially these members!  Their names are R. and L. and they are just about the best people ever (I invited them to come visit us after I get off my mission too Mom!  It´s a pretty for sure thing) and the Spirit was so strong!  L. came up to me after with tears in her eyes and just gave me a big hug.  We ate late so we really just had to shove everything in our mouths and then we had to run home, taking the dessert with us!  I don´t even know what it was but the dessert was so fabulous!  It was just apples that were cooked in wine (but he made just to make it with alcohol-less wine, just in case the alcohol didn't all cook out) but they tasted like pastries! And we even ate them cold and a little thrown around from our run home, but yum! They were called manzanas asadas, I think!
We also had a few lessons with a new investigator R. She is soooo skinny like her pants are probably 00, but they fall off anyway... Los testigos de jehova are also visiting her, but she is so welcoming. She has a very large smoking problem though, but always welcomes us into her house.

One of our investigators L. also came with her 2 year old son to conference, it was a little difficult to understand the first part of the session because it was in Spanish, so I just played with him until conference finished downloading on one of the BYU student´s phone in English! Woop woop! I love you all! 

One of the members we ate with, her and her family had wands and light sabers and action figures of everything! It was a nerd´s paradise!

Hna fowers makes fabulous gourmet food all the time sooo i took a picture of one of it!

The tombs below L.´s house!


L. and her son. 

I got a flag blanket from one of our members and then one day I was getting down or something so Hna Fowers made me stand on my chair and shout "Everybody loves me!"  hahaha!

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