Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Melting Pot

September 8,2014

Ok so they say America is the melting pot...I disagree! I vote España! We have every type of Spanish speaker here (Central and South American, you name it we got it), a boatload of Africans (<----that is probably one of the wittiest things I´ve ever said. Bahaha! Cause since Africa and Spain are only 30 miles apart a ton of Africans cross in little boats called patookahs), Eastern Europeans of every shape and size, 5 Chinese families for every Chino store, and an occasional dash of Americans and other Europeans thrown in. I really think I may make a goal to teach with or to someone from every country by the time I get home. I really think it´s possible!
Whew how the time has flown!!! We´ve already started the last week of my last transfer! This week was great! Honestly I feel like this is all a dream. Sometimes I´ll be walking down the streets and just look around, hardly believing that this is my life right now. How blessed I am! I cannot get over the miracle that I have had in my life to be born into a family and home and place where the gospel was so prevalent! Heavenly Father knew us so well before. He knew everything we could accomplish. Sometimes I wonder who I was. Who we all were! To be so trusted by Heavenly Father, that He knew if he sent us into a home which was blessed with the gospel we would, in turn, go and share it. Or raise our children in it. Or shine the light that this gospel has given us to everyone we come in contact with. Whew! I love this! I love my life! I love my family! I love this gospel! I love my Savior! And I love you!!!
Love, Hna Finch XOXOXO

Oh and I had my first zone conference and intercambios this week! They were so fun!!! Woooo Spain!!!

I love you so much! Everytime I email I feel as though my heart is gonna burst with love for you guys! I know I probably shouldn´t be counting down yet and I truly love my mission, like this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but only 16 more months! And after this one there will only be 15 and then we´ll be closer to 10 months than 18 months and then they´re just gonna fly by! Whew! I need to work harder! This is the best experience of my life!!!! I loooove you!!!!

Look at these cool trash cans they have here!

Waiting for the correr de torros.

One of the members knew that we were going to see the bull fight that night so she packed us hats and fans!  So cute!

Hermana Coburn and I at the bull fight.

The traditions of man :)  His face though...pretty sure he can do duck face way better than any of those girls on the internet!

This is what happens when you send letters to Spain Mission home.  The earliest letter was from JULY!

All the sisters went to eat at an all you can eat chinese place before we started the fast! One of the temple workers and her husband gave us enough money to pay for all of the sisters! I love them!!! You choose the meat you want from the table and then they fry it right up in front of you! On another note...I think I´m over my sushi and sea food phase...

Ice cream after sushi:)

Honestly I don´t even know why...pouring water into her mouth while she was on the ground just seemed like such a great idea at the time!

The after effects...

One of the spots where we teach a bunch of our lessons. it´s the right in front of the university and diagonal from the convent I bought some nuts for you guys.  Spain is so gorgeous!!!

I have the pictures from our last tea party on this memory card!  Ooooo I love them!

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