Thursday, September 4, 2014

Running With The Bulls and Bull Fight...Oh My!

Sept 1, 2014

I love Spain! This weekend has been on of the craziest of my life. 1st: We started off by going to a lesson that we could not remember the person we were having it with, but we went to the appointed place at the time we were supposed to go and there was a chico of 16 years with 12 of his other friends. They had all gathered to gawk at the American girls, but it turned into a pretty good lesson. Whenever a new friend would show up and say he didn't believe or was getting rowdy the other boys would shoo him off.
Right after we had another lesson with a man who brought us into his bar to the back room (We had a returned missionary with us) and to a business conference! Then he tried to get us to sign onto some company, but when we got him to understand who we are he listened to our message and actually ended up coming to church Sunday! I´m super excited to teach him! 
The next day we got permission from President to go to the running of the bulls so we went and watched that with a member and then that night we got to go see a bull fight! The first bull was super sad, but then you kinda got numb. I definitely won´t be repeating it anytime soon, but it was fun to take part in such a tradition of Spain!
O.: Has a fecha for the 14th of Sept. She and P. were about to attend the Elder´s baptism on Sunday so hopefully everything will go smoothly!
P.: She and her daughter B. came to the baptism and I think it was super good to get her into the chapel! She also agreed to set a baptismal date with us (which she didn't want to before). She will be baptized on the 28 of Sept. 
A.: The investigator who took us into his bar. Has a ton of questions about the church and definitely does not agree that God can speak to people face to face. When I showed him the scripture about how Moses talked with God face to face in Genesis he had to check what version of bible I had. Hahaha I am super excited to teach him!
Love Hna Finch XOXO

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