Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Baptism!

August 25, 2014

This week was so fabulous!!! So so so great! The best part was definitely M´s baptism yesterday:) I don't think I´ve ever been more excited for anything in my life! Of course we had to jump through some hoops to make it happen (one of the speakers backed out at the last second so Hna Coburn ended up having to give a talk, President and Hna Lovell showed up out of the blue, and we didn't have a musical number so the other sisters and I decided to sing "I like to look for rainbows" a couple hours before the baptism), but it was wonderful. She so wonderful, I can´t wait to see her testimony grow and strengthen. She has to wait until this coming Sunday to receive the Holy Ghost though so this week is probably gonna be difficult for her. :/ 

I love the other set of sisters here! After our ward activity on Saturday they came over for medio dia and we ate and then just sat and did hair and talked, it was so fun to have a little girl time! 
We also have been able to teach a wonderful girl from China this week. She is a student here. It´s been super interesting to explain who God is and why we need Jesus Christ. It´s definitely helped my testimony develop and grow!
We´re teaching another student from Honduras. He is such a delight to talk to! Oh I really hoped he gets baptized! I could see him being like an Area 70 he is that good!
¡Me enchanta Alcalá!
Hna Finch

Day in the life of Hna Finch
7:30 - Arise and shine forth and exercise (we go running every other day and then do in home workouts on our off days)
8:00 - Get ready
9:00 - Personal study
10:00 - Companion study
11:00 - Language study
11:30 - 12 semañas (this is the 12 week training program the church has for new missionaries)
12:30 - Leave piso and go to lessons contacting and such
2:00-2:30 -return to piso and have Medio Dia. We can nap and such if we really need it, but really we should be completely the other half of our language study and doing any other study we need to for our investigators
4:00-4:30 - Leave piso, continue contacting and teaching lessons
10:00-10:30 - Return to piso
11:30 - BED!!! 
*PDay - (which is more like P hours) we have 11:30-7:00 to do what we need to do.
*Sunday - we have church from 10:30-1:30, but last Sunday we had investigators to pick up between every meeting that we didn´t get to hear much of anything, que sera sera!
*Wednesday - We have District meetings every week and Zone meetings once a transfer 
There you have it! My life for the next year and a half! But in the winter we´ll be rising at 6:30 with all the normal missionaries and going to bed at 10:30. 

My companion and I before the baptism:

The Elders that spoke and baptized and us:

President and Hermana Jackson made a surprise visit and came to the baptism!

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