Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bum Bum Bummmmm!

March 2, 2015:

What a great week! First off, we had zone training this week and I had to give a talk and Hna Marsh had to give a thought. It was scary, but we did it! So cross that one off the bucket list!

Ummm it was a great week...and the best part was when one of our investigators, "R", taught us yesterday! He just moved here from Bolivia and his dad and step-mom are both members, but they didn't want to force him into anything. So we've been teaching him since December now (before I got here) and he's just super shy and doesn't talk much during lessons so we decided we had to force him to realize he had a testimony by teaching us. He was INCREDIBLE! Seriously the Spirit was so strong and afterwards his parents were shocked that this son who doesn't show emotion or talk much had a testimony strong enough to teach a lesson and know what he was talking about. I am so proud of him! PS Mom, he used your plan of salvation pictures and rocked it. He was really excited to teach with them:)

As to transfers.....bum...bum...BUMMMMMM! Hna Marsh and I are staying together!!! Yay!!!!!!!!! Annnd we will be parents! They´re going to add a little baby to the mix! We´re going to train! I´m so glad we get to do this together. We really didn't think President would pull us apart cause honestly, we are doing incredible things here - not to toot my own horn, but it´s true;) So instead of pulling us apart we will get to impart some of our greatness on a new little missionary who we will be receiving tomorrow. We don´t know who she will be yet, but I know she is going to be amazing. So that´s all for now folks!

5 Questions:

1.  What is the favorite part of your day?
     10.30 at night. We go to bed!! hahahha

2.  What is your companions favorite part of her day?
      She said "Honestly...10.30, when we go to bed. I´m a horrible missionary! Haha" It´s not because we hate the day. but the feelings of accomplishment when you fall into bed are the best:)

3.  When you feel discouraged, what is the best way you pick yourself up?
     Feeling discouraged....I go and I buy myself something yummmy. Sometimes you just need a little pastry:)

4.  I sent you a pedometer for Christmas.  Do you use it?  About how far do you walk each day?
     I used it in Alcalá! I need to put it on here cause it´s a smaller area here. But in Alcalá we walked about 7-12 miles every day.

5.  What do you do in church on Sundays?  Teach lessons, sing with primary, help with the youth?
     In church we teach lessons sometimes, when we have investigators we attend young women's sometimes, but mainly we stay in gospel principles with our investigators. We don´t really have a reason to go to the primary unless they would ask us for help. I wish they would! It would be such a fun change! 

Our Zone Leaders:

Zone Meeting:

Best thing ever this week!  We had some down time during medio dia.  There was a special running to get a pedicure done with fish!  Hahaha!  It was awesome! 
DAD!!!!  Lookie what I found!

"C" and us with Kous kous, a traditional Moroccan food that you eat from the same bowl. (Her husband is from Morocco)

Snow!!!  It´s started to warm up here. We´ve even been going with just little jackets during the afternoons. Looks like the summer is coming for us! 

More yummy Morracan food! We had scones mom! That´s the reason I took the pic! 

The mission is not boring, but we definitely do all we can to make it fun too! Weekly planning in our fort!

A member from Alcalá that I found in the streets when we went to the temple. Best thing ever is seeing the people you´ve left!

We went to go pick up the package you sent me in our pajamas just with our skirts on cause it was medio dia and we weren't changing;)

The pics one of the Hna´s in our zone drew for me. Her and I as missionaries saving the world. One in the outfits we wear on the top. The other on the outfits we were on the bottom.;)

I just can´t get over her amazing drawing skills! 

What I ate this week- Ceviche :) Basically raw fish in a citric marinade. It was delicious! 

More pics from Segovia!
The aqueduct:


We went to some big Jesus status cathedral thing with some other missionaries! It was pretty neat! 

My cute valentines present with my adorable compie!

Look dad! I found orange sticks! They don´t exist here, but they´re doing their best!

My old district in Alacala de Henares.

My last Hna, Hna Chavarria.

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