Monday, March 16, 2015

Putting Family History To Work!

March 16, 2015

What an incredible week! I knooow I say that about every week, but really, this week was special! Well, this week was pretty normal, but Saturday was special! I'm sister training leader again this transfer, so on Saturday I was in Leganes with Hna Valverde. First off, it was so fun to be with her. I have really missed being with my native companion so to only be able to speak in Spanish and to have the two different perspectives was soo fun! I really hope that I will be blessed with another native companion. Anyway! She had received a reference and hadn't been able to find the street for a while, but this day we were finally able to find the street and when we knocked on the door and asked for "S.", the mom who answered it, said the she was sleeping/sick and couldn't see us. We continued chatting with her and something made her change her mind. When we walked into the room of "S." there was such a special spirit. "S." has a tumor in her knee and is receiving chemo therapy right now. She's 18 years old. Seeing her there and speaking with her I couldn't help remembering my own tumor experience. We began to share the feelings we had both felt. The feelings I had felt and that she was feeling right then. Then after we had both had a good little cry, we shared the message of the Restoration with her. How strong that spirit was. "S." is incredible and I would love it if you could all remember her in your prayers. 

Second Miracle on Saturday: Sooo Mom! Your stories about family history paid off! Saturday after I had returned to my area, we...lost. the. the chapel! Yikes! So we frantically returned back to our apartment to search and after a couple minutes of frenzied search I thought of the story of Gilbert Giles Heaton finding the money for the missionaries, and of you finding your mom's school ring, so I called Hna Marsh and Berry and we knelt down and said a prayer. Literally TWO minutes later we found the keys. Family History I am doing it!

Love, Hna Finch

We went back to Alcala!  Here we are in front of Don Quixote's.  

Here we are in front of the Castle!

I got to see "I."!!! Best thing ever!

And this is one of the members here in Alcorcón. She made us strawberry smoothies and cookies and had an Utah house! Freaking best thing ever!!!

"So this one time I let my companion chop off all my hair... even though she has never cut hair before..." - Hermana Marsh

LOOKIE!!!! I cut Hna Marsh´s hair! I did that! Woo! Holla! 

We got ready soooo selfie!!!!

Exchanges in Leganes with Hna Valverde and "S." :)

Please excuse my face. I was doing crazy things to get a big smile on that girl´s face, including having a contest to see who could have the most teeth show in the picture. Even with my crazy face I still don´t think I won >:(

 Sooo yep whole fish.....I totally ate 3. Hna Berry wouldn´t even touch them. Be proud of me mom! I´m expanding my horizons;) Also Hna Marsh´s face....tehehe;) 

Last the best of all the game. Our cute little compie was cold yesterday and didn´t bring her jacket so one of our menos activos gave her this shawl to keep her warm. Waiting for red lights to walk wasn´t necessary. ;) 

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