Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Little Bundle Of Joy!

March 9, 2015

Wow!Wow!Wow! What a week! So we have a child now! We brought home our little bundle of joy Tuesday night and lemme tell you. She definitely takes after her other mom cause they are both towering over me! I feel like a shrimp! But for real, we have our new comp now. Her name is Hna Sydney Berry and she´s from St George! She, too, is 19 and basically we are a trio of no diversity. And I love it! Holy cow I love these girls! They are sooo wonderful! I am also super duper incredibly grateful that for my first experience training I don´t have to do it alone. Hna Berry is great, but after being with people who know what they´re doing for so long, to have somebody that you have to explain things to is kinda weird and yeah weird sometimes. But she´s settling into everything right now and is doing great!

CPdE: So we were contacting this lady in the streets this week and ended up having a pretty great conversation with her and at the end of the conversation with her. She was like "Oh I thought you guys were Jehova´s Witnesses. I´m sure glad you´re not. And I´m glad your not Mormon either. I just really don´t agree with their doctrine." And I was like "Oh no? What doctrine?" (She was a talker, so she just goes off.)  "Some of their young guys stopped me on the street the other day and they just said that.....blah blah blah..." And so I cleared it all up and she´s was telling me "Exactly!" And nodding her head so forcfully that she was holding onto my arm. Then I hold her arm and I´m like " " " 'C', I need to tell you something....We are Mormon." And I just sit there, waiting for it to sink in, smiling at her. Bahahhahaah!!!!! I loved every single moment of it! Then we had a great conversation after and she definitely has a different opinion about the church now. :)

Hmmm, really this week was great. We scheduled a ton of old investigators, just trying to give them last chances, so they failed us a bunch. Lemme just say that I´m so grateful that we make backup plans because our backup plans probably worked more than our actually plans this week. Annnnnd I love you all!!!! So freaking much! Annnd yeah.

We came back to Alcalá today:)

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