Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What A Week!

February 23, 2015:

Whew! What a week!!!!! Sooo this week we had the tour of the mission. Basically, a member of one of the quorums (Elder Dykes) came and spoke to the missionaries. So the missionaries from the islands were flown in and the missionaries from the north had to take the train down and whew! Just a ton to do! Because of the mission tour, leadership council, and "P"´S BAPTISM (WOOOOO!), it was a crazy week! We seriously only had two normal missionary days this week, so yesterday to make up for how crazy the week was we were able to accomplish our goal of 5 member lessons. Legit. Seriously. We had never had 5 member lessons before, but that was one thing we wanted to do on our transfer bucket list together. We were also able to visit a few menos activos as well. Hermana life;) hahah jk

Hmmm so "P" got baptized! I´m so excited for him! He is just the most wonderful man ever! (Sister Dykes spoke about the love we have for all our investigators. How we love each of them individually and then likened it to the President´s love for us. and our Savior´s love for us. It´s true. We are not just a number, we are "P" and McKenna and Rachel and Jeff. We are individuals to Him.) Anyways, yesterday in church he received the Holy Ghost.

It is so interesting to see the difference between a ward and a branch. I loved Alcalá will all of my heart, but it is so wonderful to see the interest and excitement and care every single member of the branch here has when an investigator attends church or when we have a baptism. Everybody knows and everybody loves them. And I love them for that. Having a branch makes it feel more like a family.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!! By the way Happy 8 Cumplemes to me!

Side Note:  Hermana McKenna didn't send any pics this week so I borrowed from Hermana Marsh's blog!

"P" 's Baptism:

Burgers at "B" and "E" 's:


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