Monday, February 16, 2015

Why Should People Go On Missions?

February 16, 2015

You know why people should go on missions? To gain appreciation for their families. My family is so normal and awesome. We meet so many people and families just...really messed up. It´s so nice to put into perspective how awesome your family is. Families that have the gospel have problems, but they aren't messed up. They can be fixed. The story behind that tangent is basically that the husband of one of the investigators invited us to his house for a FHE with his sister (our investigator). When we got to his house he came down and we started walking to his sisters house. Turns out his wife and daughter had left him 5 days earlier and boy was he wasted. Trying to hug us and he kept nudging us with his arm. Anyways you know how I am with touch. I don´t do it. So I moved behind him and yeah....just a messed up situation.  

Also "P" is GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! Wooo! And he´s pumped for it! I´m so excited for him! Honestly he is teaching us! Last Sunday he couldn't stay for all 3 hours of church and we kinda kept bugging him about why he couldn't stay. He finally broke and told us why. He was going to give hot chocolate to homeless people.....Tell me I don´t have the best investigator in the world. I´m mean I know it´s church, but ohhhh he´s so good! 

Also "J" GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!!! Even though "J" is back in Alcalá and I won't have any pictures with him. I will never forget when Hna Fowers and I first met him. I´m so glad that he feels prepared now...even though I wish he had felt that 4 weeks earlier so I could share that experience with him! 

Last week was great! We had an exchange with Hnas Kuhn and Davis last week and one with Hnas Valverde and Welcker this week so now I am done with exchanges unless something comes up! I love exchanges a ton, but boy I am so glad to work with Hna Marsh! Every time I come back from exchanges I am reminded how inspired our companionships are! We do work. 

Hmmma other news......We went to the temple this week! I. love. the. temple. Period. Best place ever! Also this week we have the tour of the mission and leadership training so I guess I lied! We'll have one more exchange cause I'll be going to the leadership thingy. With the baptism and tour and leadership thingy it's gonna make having lessons this week a little difficult, but we will overcome it! ;) Hahaha Just kidding I'm super pumped for what I'll be learning! Off to another adventure!

Hna Finch

5 Questions:
Sorry about last week that was crazy! But now you´ll get some replies!

1.  In general what is the landscape like?  Desert, mountainous, green?
     Honestly when we went to Segovia the other day we had to travel over a mountain and it looked like we were traveling over bear valley except there were still houses. So all in all very similar to were we live just hotter. 

2.  How are your meal appointments in your new area?
     Meal appointments are about the same here. If we pass around a food calendar we get fed if not...nope! Hahaha I have a love hate relationship with getting fed at members houses. If we go, we get to enjoy great company and food, but if we stay at home I get to nap! Hahaha

3.  When will you be able to write a handwritten letter?  (Dad and Garrett's question)
     Have you guys not been getting my letters? I sent a big one for all of you, birthday notes for Kimber and Leighton, and a postcard for dad. I've been sending one every week. I'm trying to just write one member of the family each week so get ready for a little more love:)
(side note:  we did get a big letter to all the family last week!)

4.  How do you do your laundry?
     We have a washer and then...get this we hang out the window or we have a drying rack in our kitchen we use too. Nobody has driers, even the rich people. I just don´t think they believe in them.

 5.  What has been your most spiritual experience with Hermana Marsh?
      We got to go to the temple this week and when we were in the celestial room we just chatted about everything we knew. It was neat cause she told me everything her grandfather (Elder Nelson) told her about the temple. 

Dad-Have you gotten your postcard? Thank you for your mission story in one of your last letters! :)
Garrett- Wasssup my homie? Way to go at state! Now you year I´ll be there cheering you on:) Time to win it all;) ¡si quieres!
Kimber-We're visiting a menos activa and she has a daughter your age. I feel like she is my you and I love talking with her. I can´t wait to talk with YOU when I get home!
Addy-I loved your prayer part mom told me about:) I too am grateful for teleportation. ;)
Leighton- You are forgetting me! I still love you though! And I do want to see you again and I miss you!

The aqueduct: 

The castle:



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