Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wonderful Update!

August 3, 2014

Another update from Elder Joe and Sister Jean Riggs!
"This evening was Sister Finch's last concert on the steps of the temple grounds.  She leaves the MTC Tuesday morning for her first assignment in the Madrid Mission.  She says she is a little frightened and does not know the language well enough but is anxious to get started.  She will be a wonderful missionary.  We look forward to seeing her periodically as we make visits to the wards in the three Madrid Stakes.  Jean gave her a couple of hugs from us and for her parents.  They have raised raised a lovely daughter."

August 4, 2014
Mom!!!! Surprise!! Guess what I get to email you to say this I´M LEAVING THE CCM!!! Ahhhh!!!! Not right now, but tomorrow morning at 8am all the Madrid missionaries will walk over to the state center and then leave our luggage there and then take a car to the mission home where Sister and President Jackson will talk with us and feed us. Then we´ll come BACK to the stake center, pick up our luggage, and then go to our new areas! Holy guacamole!!! I can´t believe this is happening! I have loved the CCM soo much, I hope that where ever Garrett gets called he gets to come to the Spain CCM! It is so wonderful. I left my family only to gain a new family at the MTC. I won´t be emailing you on Thursday cause this is my PDay this week from now on my emails in the field will be on Mondays :)
I had the sweetest experience Saturday night. One of our teachers (who is an absolutely angel, and you´re probably sick of hearing about her) pulled me and Hna J. aside after we were all released to go to bed and gave us candy bags for our whole district and then gave me a black box and told me not to open it. Inside was one of the sweetest letters I have ever received in my whole life. It was a mixture of Spanish and English and inside the box was a watch. The same watch I had seen her wear all the weeks she had been in the MTC with us. She had given me her watch. This little Ecuadorian sister who had been crying every night because she missed her mission, before receiving a call to come and work at the MTC. (Her first day at the MTC was also our first day). I don´t think I have ever given my 100% to anything before, but she makes me want to. I could not wear the watch of such an amazing sister if I was not giving all that I had to be His servant. I know she was sent my way for a special purpose and we were supposed to be life long friends and even further than that. I cannot wait to learn Spanish well enough to completely understand everything she says. I will come back after my mission when we can understand each other. I love her so much and am so grateful for her. She truly has been such an example of what a missionary should be. 
Well I´m off to the field, ready to give everything to the Lord. I love you all so much. THE KINGDOM OF GOD OR NOTHING.
Love, Hna Finch

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