Tuesday, August 19, 2014


August 19, 2014

My dearest family and friends!!
I hope you all are doing super well! (I don´t think the word "super" is a Spanish word, but the use it for EVERYTHING!) The other day we had zone meeting and one of the Elders played the most magnificent song on the piano I have ever heard- and he had made it up, it was just a compilation of hymns! Ooo so good I got chills. Right after I got them though I just thought to myself "well that´s weird, I get chills so much more often when I´m listening to spiritual things." It´s because it is the Spirit! Geesh! I think too many times I discard thoughts or impressions or events just as coincidence then actually realizing who they are from. But I´m gonna be better! That´s why I´m here, right? ;) Then at the end of mission, I´ll be pro at it...or something ;)
So investigators:
M. has a baptismal date for this Saturday, she´s having trouble reading for 5 minutes though instead of just 2 verses, and we really want her to have a stronger testimony about it. But she´s being taught in the home of a member - who is an absolute angel! She and M. actually became best friends because of meeting each other!
I love P., she also has a date for the second week in September. She has a daughter, B., who is 6 and in our last lesson she asked if I lived in a big house back in the US so I pulled out pictures of our home and family and then she called her husband in and he started showing us pictures of where he´s from in Romania and then one of the buildings kinda looked like temple square at Christmas so I showed him that and then we were able to teach him about the restoration. Normally whenever we have began he would always leave. I hope that their family gets sealed! They said they would come to church with us too, but they fell through:(
A. is a menos activo and is a typical Spanish man basically...hahaha
And some others to but there´s a lot!  

Hermana McKenna Finch
Avenida de Alcarria 9 1ºD 
Alcala de Henares 28806
Madrid SPAIN

I love you all!!! :)
Love, Hna Finch

McKenna didn't send pictures this week, but I pilfered these off Facebook:)  The first one was from her MTC President - President Lovell.  The next two were from a missionary mom whose son is McKenna's Zone Leader.  Thank you Sister Davis!

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