Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Best Sunday Ever!

November 2, 2015

This week was....great! You know when you come to the end of the week and you just kinda think to yourself "dang it..." But then you get to church and miracle of miracles, every miracle that God was saving up in store for you during the week suddenly pours out. Best Sunday ever! But before we get to Sunday, I've got to tell you more about the week! I was just kidding before, it really was a great week and we saw a ton of miracles like for example...

Remember the guy I told you about last week? The older Spaniard man whose wife had died in the train accident that Elder Ward was in
and when we offered to him that he could have her forever, he didn't want to even hope that he could, even though he totally understood, just how close he was. Annnnd he didn't give us his number. Well apparently the Lord has other plans in store for him. Tuesday, when Hna Marsh and I were together we ran into him! So we talked and he said that he had read Alma 40, but he didn't understand some of it. So I was like "That's OK! We can help you with that! What's your number?" He just laughed and said "Mo, no, you know I don't want commitment." Dang it.... But we saw him again! AND THEN guess what happened?! The next day when Hna Cheret and I were together again we saw him again! I walked straight up to him and I said "A. You know that this is meant to be! You're supposed to listen to our message." He laughed and agreed and gave us him number. 😄 Yup. Tell me miracles don't exist. His wife definitely has some desires for him to learn the gospel, I think.

We also started teaching the grandson of a member, his name is "C.", and he's nine years old and lemme tell you. I think he may just be the smartest nine year old I've ever met. He grasps some of these teachings ten times as fast as adults. So there's "C." and he's just great.

On Halloween we did a little service and then had a reaaaallllly good chat with one less active/inactive young man. Oh! And it was so good! We sat down and asked him about what plans he has for his life and if he was thinking about a mission (it was his birthday too and he was turning 19) and then he began to tell us some of his doubts. He started by saying that he's never been able to talk to anybody about his doubts before, but for some reason he started talking with us about them. And wow. I felt like he was expressing some of the same things I've felt before. And as we shared our testimonies with him we began to realize that this kid, who was saying that he basically
believed that the Catholic Church was more true than ours, didn't know anything about what we believe! We talked about the spirit world and the three kingdoms of glory and the priesthood and he too began to realize that he didn't know what we believe. And then we said "You know, you can't just say you don't believe in something you don't even know." And then invited him to church! And he said he'd come! And later when we had an FHE with his family I announced "Hey "R." said he's coming to church! Are you all coming too?" Do you know how many times they've said they'll come to church? A lot. Buuuut wait for it cause -SPOILER- they came!

Ok and then I'm skipping to Sunday, cause I don't want to wait to tell you about these miracles! So for the first time of my time here we didn't have any investigators at church so I wasn't too excited for church. But getting there we sat down and I began to talk we one of my favorite members who happens to be the mother of one of my favorite members in Alcorcón. Then the meeting started and the miracles started pouring in. One of the less active members we've been visiting walked in with her two sons in tow. Two minutes later, the mother and son of the family with whom we had had the FHE the night before came in. And then. As the members were bearing their testimonies one 13 year old boy stood up to bear his testimony (side note: we're visiting him and his mother and grandmother. They're also a little less active. And when we visited him this week honestly I didn't think he was even paying attention so we made sure to ask his lots of questions.) anywho. This 13 year old young man gets up and starts saying that he was going to leave the church next year, but he has felt the beginnings of a testimony and wants to continue learning and growing and even teared up at the end of his talk. The spirit was so strong and everybody was crying in the congregation, his young men's leaders, him mom and grandma, every woman, everyone. The member I was sitting next to told me afterwards that she had taught him in Sunday School and never ever thought she would hear anything like that leaving his mouth. I think she cried the most. Then another member got up (we've been teaching her husband, she's the one we went to the temple with for her endowments) and pointing at me and told me not to give up. That her husband had told her that he didn't want us to come over because he was afraid we were going to convert him. I definitely shed some tears. She got me. Last time we had visited them he had barely said two words to me, but later during this week he had called us and we had had a good conversation.

Oh I love this area. I love everything is happening. I'm so grateful for the miracles we experienced yesterday to remind me of that. Congratulations if you actually made it all the way through! OK I love you guys! Have a great week!

Love, Hna Finch

McKena's Mom here, I couldn't remember Hna McKenna saying anything about Elder Ward's train wreck so I googled it and here it is - complete with an interview from Elder Ward!  What a horrible accident.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-ZtCFqf7UI

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