Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kings and Queens!

July 27, 2015

What a fun week! It was the first normal week of this transfer where we could just work, without having to travel or having meetings that we had to travel super far for. Oh wait....I just remembered. Nope we had zone conference...so we did have to travel to La Laguna and missed mediodía, but que será, será (Am I right, Mom?;) ) This week we were gifted a Quran (Muslim holy book). I'm actually a little surprised I've made it through most of my mission without receiving one until now cause Muslims are probably some of the most fuerte believers out there. A Mormon missionary with the will and audacity of the Muslims I bet would tear up the streets. Seriously that's a thing I would love to see. Too bad they get killed if they convert right now. 

My investigators teach me so much. For example this week I learned how to read the Book of Mormon. Apparently I've been doing it wrong. One of our investigators "P." didn't read between our visits so when we got there we cracked open our BoM's (And when I say crack open I really mean swiped across our...IPADS. Yeah, still not over the awesomeness of it!) So we start reading in 1 Nephi 4 and "P." takes off reading. Annnd really into it, voice inflection, pauses, snickering. The whole deal. So Hna Santiago and I leaned back, apparently we weren't going to be reading when all of a sudden "V.", brother of "P.", bursts in and starts reading. So he reads for a while until "P." took the spotlight back and starts reading only to arrive to verse 28 when he starts snickering. 
Have you ever realized how hilarious it is that Nephi's brothers ran from him. Nephi get the plates and not only has the plates, but he's fooled everyone so well, that the servant of Zoram is following him! He's gotta be feeling great about himself! So he finally makes it outside the city walls, ready for his victory dance and celebratory coke with his brothers for the greatest escape of all time (in that time) when - like a needle, thrust into a balloon - his brothers run away. What a bummer. Celebratory dance all alone. Anyway. After the snickering was over we were able to have a great spiritual moment and "P." and Vidal committed to come to church. BUT they didn't.....So we came by on Sunday and they RECOMMITTED to come to church. Guys.... I just know they're going to come this Sunday

Next up: Sunday miracles! First off, "M.". Our wonderful, learned, Canarian woman. She's been coming to church but only to sacrament meeting, but this week she finally made the big leap annnnnd came to all three hours!!!! Can I just tell you how nice that was? Reeeeaaaal nice.

We also had "R." (the mother of our little family) come to church with her daughter. "R." started investigating the church about 10 months ago, but stopped coming to church when her husband came to Tenerife from Ecuador, about 6 or 7 months ago. And stopped meeting with the missionaries. Anyway, her husband, "H.", is super against the church and God in general. (He blames God for his problems.) Well something worked inside of him, cause he not only let "R." come to church, but he also brought her! Wooop, wooop, holla, holla! He didn't attend, but he's been sitting in more of our lessons and when he was driving "R." to church this Sunday he asked her "What do they even believe?" and "R." told him "Why don´t you come and find out?" Him: "No." Whatever. The Spirit's gonna get you "H.";) Hahaha

So in addition to putting salt instead of sugar in the cookies, eating waaay too much pillow cereal, eating waaay too much pizza, eating waaay too many Pringles, singing in an all white (when I say white, I mean white clothes) choir,  receiving perfume from members (cause missionaries apparently stink), and having some wonderful inspired visits, I also found the coolest genealogy! Guess what?! Somebody's related to a bunch of kings! I'm pretty royal, fyi. Not just my spirit but also my sangre. I've got Norse kings and queens, French Kings and queens and even...wait for it......SPANISH KINGS AND QUEENS!!!! That's right! I'm Spanish royalty! Some kings from Asturias and some from Toledo. And those are both in our mission! Annnnnd! I'm not even done! I'm also related to Adam! I don't know if you've heard of him, but he had a wife named Eve. They did some preetty neat stuff. You should probably check out their standard works. You can find it in the Holy Bible and also Abraham and Moses. Anywho. Someone traced back one of the lines all the way back to Adam.... Personally I think they're missing a few details, but hey it's still pretty cool to think you're related to Helenus of Troy (not to be confused with Helen of Troy). Family History, I am doing it, my family history.

This weeks photos brought to you by Mixit and photo hungry moms everywhere

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