Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm On A Boat Y'All!

July 13, 2015

Happy Monday Mia queridos😙 Os quiero 😄

I'm on a boat y'all. But really I am. I figured I'd get a head start to me family email this week seeing as all the missionaries from the Tenerife island are currently on a boat being shipped over to Las Palmas to meet our new president. Yay! I'm quite obsessed with boat travel actually. When the boat got started we all stood out on the deck together and watched the waves and theeeen guess what I saw?! Dolphins. Two dolphins. Leaping in and out of the water. Coolest thing ever. I didn't even get sick! Unless I sat up or stoop up or opened my eyes or breathed too much. So basically I just stayed in my seat after we finished our fun on the deck with the dolphins. 

Ok I'm not on a boat anymore. Now we're waiting in the chapel for president to come so we can start zone p-day. (Don't you like this play by play of my day?;)) Anyway...what happened this week?....Hmm

So best thing of about taking over the elder's area is getting new investigators. It's like after the best day of contacting and you meet that golden investigator that's already been taught everything and is so ready to get baptized. Yep without the contacting part! But really they left an investigator who's suuuper ready. I don't know why he didn't already have a baptism date. Anyways his name is "I." and he's from Cuba and he's 33 and the elders had taught him everything and told us just to go over the lessons with him again and wait for him cause he's waiting to feel more prepared. So we got into the lesson with him the other night and we asked him:
Us: "So you're preparing for baptism right?"
Him: "yep."
Us: "what are you waiting for?"
Him: "nothing!"
Us: "Soo you wanna be baptized? Like this Saturday?"
Him: "sure!"
We ended up settling and deciding he's gonna be baptized this Saturday so we have a little more time to plan things out. :) So that was great. 

We've also been working a lot with the area book, especially now that we've got the elders and ours books together. And guess what?! We've come to a grand total of at least 50 less active members and we're only on the people who have been baptized in our area! We've got some work ahead of us. We can do it! We've also had a couple of fun experiences with some of the other of the elder's investigators. One older man kept calling me baby in the lesson. I got so sick of it that I finally told him off and may have stopped the lesson to tell him "stop calling me baby! I'm not your baby!" But we're on super good terms now. He just needed a little talkin' to.

Next up, if anybody wants to get anything cleaned you can totally get in contact with us! We've cleaned the Hermanas of Santa Cruz piso, the elders old piso, and we got roped into cleaning the chapel this week and we'll be staying at the Las Palmas sister's piso tonight so we'll just wait to see if that needs to be cleaned too;) hahaha. Call me Cinderella.

Lots of love from España! Besitos! Ciao!

Honestly I'm the worst and I can't remember their names...but this cute couple came to visit us yesterday! They served with Elder Josie and Sister Gillett! :)  (I found out from Sister Gillett that this cute couple are the Ward's)

The deck:) and our version of the titanic!

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