Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bring It

July 20, 2015

Welcome to the worst. week. ever. In the MTC I remember our teachers telling us that the week before the baptism are the hardest weeks there are. I always thought they were talking about the investigator´s weeks. NOPE. Where ever we turned this week it seemed like the opposition was there to stop and try to do it hard. But there were the little glory moments so bear with me and I will show our little flashes of light this week.

Also, I gotta admit. It´s slightly my fault. I thought I was in a good position to handle the challenges so I prayed for the refiner´s fire. I figure I've got a lot of work to change me, might as well get a large portion taken care of in the mission, but oh it was hard. These are just some highlights. 

1. We started out be loosing two days of work to go to Las Palmas to have a zone conference with President.
Light: Which was great! (But still 2 days..) I LOVE Pres. Pack and Hna Pack and their kids!!! Ooo I'm just so excited to have them with us! (Also, He one of Jamie Cooper's stake presidents in her mission! What a small world!)

2.When we got off the boat when we got to our island the police were there. Waiting for us. Yep this part was actually kinda funny. The police were checking everybody's passports and I walked up to the police, gave him mine and noticed he had a picture in his hand. Of one of our elders! I turned behind and was like "Elder Gorge! They're looking for you!" Elder Gorge, Hna Mattson, and I all had to be detained because our passports are expired.
Light: We had a nice little chat with the cops and when they said what bad luck it was that we got pulled over by them, I replied that it was actually probably God´' hand and they should listen to our message. Annnd guess what?! They totally gave us thier numbers! Too bad they don't live in our area, but whatever! Cop baptisms! Yeah! Also, they didn't even fine us. :) 

3. Wednesday...First Hna Santiago lost her wallet, like super lost it so we never got to find it.
Light: She recently went on a wallet buying purge and had just bought 3 new wallets and the wallet she lost had her almost expired residency card, and 10 Euros, and mission debit card so we were able to cancel those both super fast. It was incredible that she had listened to the promptings she had received and had moved all her personal cards and money to a different wallet.
4. I've been blessed with the best family ever that writes me once a week, but I hadn't received their letters for the majority of last transfer so I finally went to the post office on Wed. to ask them about it. The woman helping us was... rather unhelpful and rude and I'm not gonna lie when I walked out of that Postal Office I was dying. I had prayed. I had felt like I was going to get my letters. But I didn't. I may have shed a few tears.
Light: When we walked out of our apartment after mediodía I checked the mail. MY LETTERS WERE THERE. Prayers are answered.

5. Buuuut!!!!!! Saturday we had a BAPTISM!!!! YAY! "I." got baptized! And I gotta see that seeing his face as he left the water was one of the most confirming witnesses that what we're doing is true and right and that there truly is a peace the gospel brings. His face coming out of that water was pure peace. Completely why I'm here. Oh I could just cry remembering it!

6. "R." We've been teaching her since I got here. Last time we met with her, we sat her down and had to lay down the law with her and when we got there this time, she turned the TV right off. She sat down with her BoM. During the lesson I was so impressed with the feeling that we are called. We are servants of the Lord. I am set apart and as I hit my 13 month mark this week my time is getting shorter and shorter. Oh, how I want to use it to the best I can. 

There's one quote that I still remember from high school that just said "Sucking the marrow out of life." It always stuck with me. The idea captivated me. Sucking the marrow out of life, enjoying every moment completely and fulling. No regrets. The same applies to the mission "sucking the marrow out of the mission" 5 more months. The best months so far. Bring it.


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