Monday, May 18, 2015

"I Didn't Come Here To Lay Up!"

May 18, 2015

What a great week. So one of the leadership trainings we had last transfer kept coming up in my mind this week about always asking for references, so we made a huge point to ask for references this week. And WOW! So many miracles! So many people gave us references. It was great!

We also had a little miracle this week. We were out contacting and we contacted one man who did really seem interested and we asked him if he knew anything about our church and guess what?! He's baptized.....yup got baptized back in the 80's or 90's and then lost touch with the church for a while because he had a few differences with leadership, but he wants to talk with us and he gave us the reference of his daughter who also lives here in Alcorcón to start teaching her. Yay! 

Also we have a new investigator, "C.", who is great!!! We found him in the area book (the book we keep with all the information of everybody ever taught), and he's great. He lost contact with the original sister who started teaching him because he got too busy with school, but we were able to meet with him 3 times this week and he's reading the Book of Mormon like a machine. He also accepted an invitation to be baptized. :)

We also had zone conference this week. Some highlights:
-"We can change the music in Spain!" Hna Jackson. She really detests the way the music is led here. Hehe:)
-"I didn't come here to lay up." President Jackson. This one really stuck with me. I didn't come here, all the way to Spain, to take the easy way out. Go big or keep trying and go a little bigger. 

Love you all! Hna Finch

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