Monday, May 11, 2015

Divinely Inspired

May 11, 2015

This week....was great! 500 steps up from last week! Sometimes you just need low moments so you can remember why you do everything in your power not to have them. 

FIRST: Everyday this week was great, but Tuesday was special. I had listened to a talk by President Hinckley and he quoted some ship captain who said "I believe I am always divinely inspired." So Tuesday I started saying it with everything. It started out more as a joke, but by the end of the day it had become our motto. 1. We were able to meet a woman who had been baptized in Leganés, but after moving to Alcorcón hasn't been active in the church. 2. We were finally were able to get a letter to someone we've been trying to get ahold of for a while. 3. Great lesson with "E." and we were able to avoid bible bashing with her Evangelical boyfriend! 4. "M." (recent convert) told us that she had needed us to come and had been praying for us to visit her, when we passed for (went to) her house. 5. We were late to our next lesson so called our investigator, because we had passed for Mara, and it actually turned out better because our other investigator stayed late in classes that day. 6. "F." (the investigator) told us we are the angels that she has been needing in her life. 7. We made banana bread and gave some of it, with a scripture attached, to our apartment owner who lives across the hall from us. She's an 80 year old Spanish woman and we usually, ok we only, bother her when something's broken, so she comes to the door "What's broken now?" "We brought you a gift!" You shoulda seen the way her face lit up! I think that may be the first thank you she's ever received. 8. We had an incredible Family Home Evening with some members and they completely adore us now. 
So basically. Saying, believing, feeling, and thinking you are divinely inspired helps. It really just helped me give all the credit to Heavenly Father for leading us the the people we needed to meet that day. It made me more grateful. I like it:) 

SECOND: Ipads!!!!! We didn't get them Thursday. Oh well. Honestly I don't even care, the conference was so great! They really just focus on the doctrine and WOW! I am so pumped! Lemme just explain a little: They are going to retrain us on how to use technology. We (as missionaries) already know how to use this technology, but how well do we use it? Those who struggled with using their time wisely on it, pornography, video games, social media, and so much more will be relearning how to use as it was created to be used. A tool to share the gospel. They are giving us these tools not just to increase the work, but also to help make us more successful after the mission. To not have it for 2 years and then fall back into our same habits, but to learn and change and grow and yay! I can't even wait! We talked a bunch about it in the leadership council the next day and I am just ecstatic to learn how to use it! 

THIRD: Mother's day was great! I loved seeing you guys! I loved chatting and visiting with you. It seems so surreal that the next time I see you guys will be in person. I guess everything's just getting so much closer now. We were able to skype at one of the best member's houses ever and afterwards she even let me call home to my family, because I had forgotten to wish Mom Happy Mother's Day...whoops! Love you all!

I believe I am always divinely inspired.

IPad conference

President and Sister Jackson.  You can just see Hna McKenna's tag in the upper left hand corner!

 The list of things you sent me to fill out to be grateful for! Thank you! I love it! You rock!

 I don´t have much time today, but here's the sword of Laban we saw in Toledo.

Noche de hogar we had in the park the other night! 

Leadership Conference!

Best story from this week - we live on the 4th floor (technically the 5th in the States). We got home Saturday to call people for church and plan and we sat out on our balcony and threw these water gel beads at people while we ate chips and salsa. Don´t worry, we didn't get caught:) Hehe. Yes, I am an adult.

The view from my end! Love you!

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