Monday, December 15, 2014

Wonderful Week

December 15, 2014

What a wonderful week in Alcalá! One week with a native and my Spanish has definitely improved! Wooo! I don´t have a lot of time today but we had some memorable events happen this week:
1. There are some members in our ward who ever year pick a family who is struggling a little and buy them a ton of food (we´re talking like huge amounts) and they have a set of missionaries deliver this food to the recipients each year. This year we got to and ohh it was beautiful. After we had made our 3 trips taking all the food out of the elevator and to the door of the piso we knocked and the member opened. Then we started bringing the food in. When we first walked in she greeted us with a smile, but then as we kept leaving and coming back in with more food in our arms, her eyes filled with tears and she began sobbing into her hands. I can´t even begin to describe how I felt. I have never been in that position in my life before. I feel as though it is, in some part, what we will feel when we see our Savior again. Knowing he didn't take just one burden from us, but another and another and another. Needless to say- I was bawling too. Gah! I´m bawling right now! Hahaha
2. You know in the movies how the cars pass in a dark, cold, rainy night and splash a wave of water onto the hero of the story? Yeah. That totally happened to us last night. The wave of dirty puddle water crashed over us and we just slowly turned to each other, not even believing what had just happened and cracked up! Oh my! Hahaha how many people can say that´s actually happened to them! Good thing we were on our way home!
3. The ward Christmas party Saturday night was bomb! I loved it! Annnnd here´s the kicker instead of Santa coming at the end the Reyes Magos (3 Wise Men) came to bring individually wrapped and addressed presents to all the Children. Cutest thing ever! Spanish tradition dictates that the 3 wise men bring the presents (Santa´s a little pagan for this Catholic nation) on January 6. Now they´re a little more Americanized and they also celebrate Christmas too. 

J. - He´s awesome. He knows the book of Mormon is true and he´s reading and praying, but he´s going to spend the Christmas holidays with his brother in Barcelona! Noooo! So we were going to have his baptism soon, but now! Ugh! He won´t be coming back until the end of the transfer in like 5 weeks and that´s just so much time for Satan to work upon a person.
C. -  He is from Nigeria and actually stopped Hna Fowers in the street. he was living in Malága and met the missionaries there, even had Thanksgiving with them, so he was pretty excited when he met us. He´s really great! The only difficult thing is that he only speaks English and my companion doesn't, buuuut it was fun translating for her and the member in the lessons we had with him! 
CPdE: Ok sooo let´s talk about weird. I think we hit the jackpot this week! His name was P. and he was from Yugoslavia. So we stop him and he did not believe in God. In fact what he does believe in is reptiles. Yep that´s right the reptiles are ruling the world. Bom, bom, boooooomm! So they live under the earth and they control the Masonics (I think he meant free masons) who control the Illuminati who control the actors who control the TV. Annnnd they´re also poisoning our food so that´s why we all die at like 70, 80 cause they´re poisoning our food and there´s only a few types of alcohol that aren't poisoned (I think we know where all the crazy is coming from now). Also the reptiles are shape shifters and Dick Chaney is actually a reptile. Sooo that´s what I learned this week! ;)

I love you alllll sooooo much! And MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! MUAH!!!!

5 Questions:

1.  Who is your new companion!  What is her name!
      My new companion is Sandy Chavarria and she´s from Bolivia ( don´t let the name fool you. Her mom really liked Grease)

2.  What things do you have in common with her?
      Our height.....Hahahaha we both love chocolate, clothes, and after walking in the rain all day our feet both stink;)

3.  What do you usually eat for breakfast?
      For breakfast I usually eat muesli. It´s basically this type of granola. Honestly its not really good, but that keeps me from eating 10 bowls of it;)

4.  If you have time - what is your favorite breakfast meal to make or cook?
      French toast. We don´t have measuring cups in our apartment and you don´t really need measuring cups for french toast so I´m pretty pro now;)

5.  What time do you usually leave the apartment?
      We leave the apartment every day at 11 on punto a trabajar en el obra del Señor!

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