Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2014

One story this week because things on Christmas day are a little crazy! Pues actually two...;)

First: We had the most amazing Christmas miracle this week!!!! Her name is I. She has been coming to our classes of English and is 13 years old. So I basically adopted her as a little sister since mine are currently a little far away. Anyways, I was talking to her before class and she mentioned that her friend had just passed away on Wednesday and started tearing up so I grabbed her and hugged her and she started full out crying. So as she calmed down I told her in her ear that as missionaries we share a very special message that could help her and asked if she could stay after class to talk to us. So after class we talked and the next day and the next day. She is incredible. She is reading everything we give her. The pamphlets, the chapters in the Book of Mormon, everything! She is absolutely incredible! She´s so excited for her baptismal date too and so good. We even brought a Christmas gift to her family so we could meet her mom. Ahh tender mercies!

Second: Christmas has been awesome!!! First we woke us this morning and got ready and made breakfast (Mom! I made CINNAMON ROLLS annnnnd they were GOOD!;)) and then we all ate our breakfast together right in front of the tree and opened our presents and then did our personal study in our Christmas room with all of our new gifts and after personal study we read and sang the last scripture and hymn of the advent calendar Mom sent me and read the Living Christ and the story in Luke 2 and then shared our testimonies of Christ. Ah. So special. So spiritual. It doesn't really feel like Christmas. Not the kind I´m used to. It kinda feels like something new and special. But I like it. I want to have this study and testimony with my family one day. Oh it was so special!!!! I love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Love, Hna Finch

P.S. Ohhhh yeah so I kept forgetting to tell you all buuut, David Archuleta came Sunday to sing to us. So all of Madrid gathered in the stake center on temple square and my companion and I were in the second row!!! Connections!!! And then Monday all the missionaries had their Christmas devotional and guess who showed up just to sing to us?! Yep that's right. Pictures to come! I forgot my camera at home today! Love you!!!

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