Monday, August 31, 2015

Off to Gran Canaria!

August 31, 2015

My dearest family,

How is everybody this week? I thought I had already talked about Hna Turina, but I guess now? Sooo, Hna Turina is from Tahiti, but not actually Tahiti. Her island is called Moorea and its close to Tahiti, but it's a lot smaller than Tahiti. Her native language is Tahitian and French. She started her mission in Azuqueca my 3rd transfer in Alcalá. (Azuqueca is two or three trains stops above Alcalá, so we saw each other quite a bit.) She's got one older sister who served her mission in Florida and a younger sister. She's also got a half brother. She alwwwaays has a flower in her hair and I've learned a lot about the language of flowers from her. For example, if the flower's on the right ear it means your single, if its on the left, you're taken! She also loves Disney, almost as much as me so we've taken to singing Disney songs In a mix of English and French. She's the sweetest thing ever and a true island princess!

Ok so miracle this week. We've got a couple recent converts here, "D." and "R.", father and daughter, who are just great. "R." joined the church first and afterwords the sisters started teaching "D." and she got baptized too. Fairy tale right? ....yeah, no. Here's the catch Richard's wife hasn't been that happy with us coming over. For her Richard joining the church is something strange and unfamiliar and it's not something they share and she doesn't want to
share it. In my 2 transfers with Hna Sanitago I think we talked to her maybe twice and basically it was a "Hi, oh another rubia (blonde) all look the same!" And this was not exactly said in the nicest way. Anywho, we got over there last week to introduce Hna Turina to them and "D.", the wife, actually stayed for a good little while we
chatted and Hna Turina told about how she lost her father. She left for the lesson, but she invited us to take us home the next time we came and drive us by some beaches. Yay! She's warming up! Honestly it really has been a miracle to see her progress. "R." also got his patriarchal blessing and he's quite sure she'll come around.

"M." is doing incredible. I love her. I love seeing the change the gospel makes in people. With her it's been an actual physical change. The first time she came to church in beach clothes. It looked like she was going to be bouncing right after church. Yesterday (and this has been a gradually change, she is coming in better clothes every time) she came in this beautiful navy and white outfit, her hair was straightened, her makeup was on and she was glowing. Annnnd she even said the prayer in our gospel principles class. Oh! She's so great! She really has climbed over mountains considering she thought praying was meditation. I love her!

In other news, we're on a boat to Gran Canaria for conference again. Wish I could say I was excited. I mean I am, but after the conference we've got intercambios so we won't be getting back to our area until Wednesday and we had to leave our area yesterday. I may have teared up a little when I realized how much time we'd be missing. 😑 but it's good! The Lord is gonna take care of our area! And I've just got to learn how to be less of a control freak since I can't really control things when I'm an island away....Wooo! We can do this! Hahaha

Ps. I had a dream Thursday night that I was looking at my hair and I saw a black dot on one strand. It scared me so badly that it was lice that I woke right up got on my knees and said a prayer! Hahaha

Pps. The joke for this week. Richard comes up to me and says you grew up on a field. You know like chickens and horses and cows, well what's the laziest animal on a farm? The vaca (cow), why? Cause it's always on a "vaca"tion. Hehehe

Ppps. I still can't learn French. But my Italian's coming in handy. When we were waiting for the Guagua last night we started talking with the cutest Italian family who were super interested in what we do as missionaries! Io parlo italiano!

Pppps. We've got a German in our ward now. Ich spreche Deutsch.

Ppppps. We just watched meet the Mormons for part of zone p day and FRANK is in it! Hahah! I saw him and I said! THAT'S FRANK! Hahaha everybody was laughing:) tell Frank I love him when you see him next time!


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