Monday, September 7, 2015

Ooooooga, Ooooooga!

September 7, 2015

First off, this week we started off with a big bang. But actually more like a long ooooooga. oooooooga. Like the sound a boat makes. Cause like we were on a boat. And we went to Las Palmas. I loved our time there! Seriously! I learned so much! Can I just say how grateful I am! One of the AP's shared this definition with us in zone conference and it really struck home. He invited us to think of which word it would be. (I like the Spanish translation more.) "A change occurring in the heart and the way you think, which signifies to adopt a new attitude about God, yourself, and life in general." Oh it struck me hard. I wanted to say "Oh that's me! That's me! I want a change of heart! I want a better attitude!" It's repentance. It's the atonement of our Savior. We get to change. We get to become better through Him! How grateful I am for the limitless possibilities I have been given by Him!

We also got to do intercambios with the Las Palmas hermanas. Monday night, Hna Griffin, Hna Pack (President´s wife), and I went out for a few appointments they had. They all failed us. Yup. So we went contacting. It was so fun! I loved it. And I loved translating for Hna Pack. There was one man we met who teaches at the university and he was very interested in the message. And interested to see if he could understand Hna Pack's southern drawl. There was a lot of missionaries (like our whole zone) out contacting Monday night and so we actually contacted a man who had already been contacted by some of the elders, but the elders couldn't communicate with him, because guess what? He spoke ITALIAN! Boom! That´s right! So we chatted with him for a bit, until he realized that I really don't "parlo Italiano", but we were able to give him a card and explain where to find the church website in Italian. 

The next day I had intercambios with Hna Marsh. (Yay! For reuniting with old compies!) Seriously though, I love that girl. We had so much fun chatting and catching up. You really do make friends for life on the mission. We had a pretty funny experience in one of our lessons. Jehovah's Witnesses walked into the home of someone we were visiting. I don´t want to say were like rivals, but I think they think we are. They've got a great missionary program, so we always salute each other on the streets, but unless you want to bible bash you don't talk to testigos (witnesses). So the testigos came in and we had a bit of awkward conversation with them. But the Mormons stuck it out longer! The testigos left and we were able to share the message of the Restoration

So that's how Las Palmas is doing...ha! I'm so sorry, but we actually went to Monkey Park today and I don't have much time and I just used all my time writing about the first of my week! The end was great too! We met a lovely German girl coming home from one of our lesson. She is spirit? Seriously, she put on a backpack bought a plane ticket and left Germany. We found her on the guagua asking directions from a Spanish man and not understanding him! I offered to translate (cause I speak German now, guys;) Hahah jk, She was speaking English. We ended up taking her to the church after and gave her a tour. She won't be staying, but she's so special and it was fun to plant that seed in her. I know she's gonna need the missionaries one day. 

Also "E."'s wife, "G.", came to church with him on Sunday! And we got to teach her in his lesson on Saturday! They are such a cute couple! I love them!

"M." is still doing great! The ward is so great with her! Really doing a great job at fellow-shipping her. This week we are going to go eat at the bishop´s house with her. Also the Larcher's (my Italian grandparents/ward mission leaders) left for a month long vacation in Italia. :( I'm heart broken. They really are the cutest! Now I don't know who is going to teach me how to be a lady and give me inspiration to learn Italian! Pero bueno. 

I love you all soooo much! Have a beautiful week!

P.S. This is the email I received from Hna McKenna first - about 4 hours before the above email:

Can you send me a few different mazes? One's that a six year old could do? Just have to google it and send me the pics that come up:) please?
I love you!

Haha!  So I sent her some like these!  Silly girl!  She must have been having fun!

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