Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Soooo Tahiti

August 17, 2015:

Guessss what?! Transfers! Yep it's already that time. I can't believe this transfer is already gone. It seems like just yesterday that they were calling to tell us that the elders were being taken out of the area! So our companionship got hit with changes this transfer. Hna Santiago is going to the north of Spain to Gijón! Can you say dreamland?! I'm going to miss her so much. I really have learned so much from her. I'm going miss how well we feed off each other, whether it's jokes or teaching we were a great pair. Love you Hna Santiago! Good luck in the North!

As for me, I'll be with Hna Turina from Tahiti. She is the sweetest little island princess ever! She doesn't speak English, since Tahiti is part of French Polynesia so hopefully I'm gonna be learning some French this transfer! And some Tahitian as well! I'm really excited for the opportunity I get to be so immersed in Spanish once again, I haven't had that since Hna Chavarría left me. I was really praying to have another all Spanish experience with a comp so this is definitely an answer to a prayer. It'll be interesting though, since neither of us are native speakers to see how we communicate. Haha. I love Hna Turina. I was in Alcalá (my first area) when she entered the field and remember going Christmas shopping with her for our companions. Btw she loves one direction, so we'll get along just fine;) I'll send a pic with her as soon as I can!

Onto this week. We had a great week. Saturday we had the BEST activity ever! The three wards in Tenerife went up above "El Mar de Nubes" (The sea of clouds) to a picnic area on the mountain. We had the best view of Teide (the highest mountain in Spain and the volcano that made this island) and the food was great. A couple of members made some paella (traditional yellow rice with seafood dish). Enough for everyone! And everybody brought food to share. Then we played games and visited. It honestly felt like a family reunion. Our ward was all the cousins you do know and the other two wards had the occasional cousin you actually do know (aka the other missionaries serving in the other wards). I figure it's makeup for missing the giant Heaton reunion a few weeks  ago. "M." and "E." came to the activity. "M." drove us there in her car so we were able to take some great pictures and stop at some lookout points. We even stopped at a fish hatchery and took some pictures!

Also in "M." news. She's planning her conversion story. Yeah. In every lesson she asks the members their conversion stories. In our last lesson with her this week she said, "What am I gonna say for my conversion story? I saw a sign for classes of English?" Hahaha she's the best. She still doesn't want to set a baptismal date....ugh! Cause she is like the most prepared person ever, but we're gonna hit her hard this transfer and see what happens.

Hmmm what else happened this week...we set up some members yesterday at church. "F."'s (our ward) been back from his mission a few weeks and "J." (different island, Lanzarote) is a recent convert of Elder Davis (served with him in Alcalá). She comes to visit and we're great friends and yesterday we got "F." to ask her out! Cutest little Spanish couple ever serán! I shook "F."'s hand and said "you owe me. You owe me big. You owe me a wedding announcement." Just helping the work move along here. Future little missionary kids of "J." and "F."'re welcome.

One of our recent converts had a friend come with her ("D.", age 15) to church last week so this week we went to her house to teach him ("I.", age 16). We had the lesson and presented him with a Book of Mormon and he said "oh I can have that? I was actually looking at them at church, but I was too timid to ask for one!" Also get this our ward pianist is leaving to go to college in the peninsula in September so the ward has been playing for a new pianist. Annnnd guess who plays the piano? Yup! "I."! Literally answering the member's prayers. Love it.

Joke of the week. At the activity we were with one of the cooks, another recent convert and father of "D.", named "i." and while he's cooking the paella he tells us this: "Sabe que cuando se casan en la iglesia católica, cuando la pareja salga, todos tiran arroz. Y después, cuando hay el divorcio  todo es "paella". La casa "paella". El coche "paella". Los niños "paella". ¡¡¡Jajajajajaja!!!
Translation (warning not nearly as funny, I'm still gonna try to get it across!): you know in the Catholic Church when they get married, when the couple leaves and everybody throws rice? Well after the marriage, when the divorce happens, everything is "paella". (Cause paella sounds like para ella, which means "for her". So he goes through saying everything is "for her". And it makes it double funny cause before the wedding it's just rice and then it's cooked rice. Wow...that's a lot funnier in Spanish. Haha

Anywho, love you all! Love the gospel! And I love the Book of Mormon! Read it! Muah! Besitos! 

Hna Finch

PS! Thanks everybody for the nice I mean lice comments. They were gone when I wrote the email last week. Hahaha I guess I forgot to include that!

El Mar De Nubes:

Me, "M." (our investigator) and Hna Santiago 

Paella! La casa paella. Los niños paella. El coche paella (translated thanks to google: The paella house.  The paella children, the car paella. Must go along with her joke!)

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