Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We got iPads! Yay:)

June 15, 2015

So I´ll start with the obvious this week....We got Ipads.... :) YAY :) So we are currently current on almost all technology in the modern world, right? I don´t think there was a cooler app ever invented than the Gospel Library app. Do you realize how much gold is just sitting there?! Hna Santiago and I have been having so much fun reading talks and showing Mormon Messages to our investigators. They also have these incredible pamphlets to use with our investigators! (Too bad all the pamphlets are in English though) They get the gist. 

We also had another lesson with our favorite hobo, "M." is a 30 years old Italian who lives in a cave. Let me tell you all little about how his conversion story will be when he´s a member of the 70.
"So there I was! I had shunned my Italian family and their riches and gone to live as a wild spirit on the beaches of a little island off the coast of Africa, when I approached two clean looking girls as said 'Do you guys have any shoes?' Little did I know that was the question that would change my life forever!" 

"M." is still a little duro. He believes there's something and that it could be God, but the idea of one Man atoning for the sins of everyone is just a little difficult for him. (For me too, Christ is incredible!) "M." is also inseparable from his dog, but left her for a couple hours outside the chapel while he came to church. She was barking the whole time, she´s never been away from him for that much time. We're praying that next week when he comes, hopefully his dog will be a little more used to it that she won't bark and whine the whole time. But he's ready to experiment and try to see if the promise of the Book of Mormon is true. He's got a lot to change, but I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon can change everything that's in his heart. I'm so excited for him!

We had a great experience with "R." and her family this week. She had her birthday party and her husband (who is definitely not in favor of the church) came home early and we were able to chat with him. He's really starting to open up to us and even laughed at a few of our comments. Rosa has to get past her fear of changing, changing everything she's every known and leaving it for something better. I was reading a devotional by Elder Christofferson this morning on my NEW IPAD (I don't know if I mentioned we got iPads?) about Saving our Lives. Oh it was great! One of the scriptures he shared was about how Christ said he didn't come to bring peace, but to divide households. Matthew 10: 34-38. Christ true religion shakes things up. He's here to help us progress and no one can progress in the comfort zone. 

We´re off to Monkey Park!!!! Wooo!

Hna Santiago and our first selfie on our iPads!

The view from "S." and "J."'s house!

"S." and "J."'s daughter and I

Fresh crab and something else. Our lunch on Friday with "S." and "J." and fam

Lessons on the beach at sunset:

"J." - a recent convert who came island hopping to Tenerife to visit her mom. We were able to chat with her about what sister missionaries do and such.  There aren't any sisters on her island and we were the first sister missionaries she's met.

The view from El Fraile (one of the pueblos we visit) straight to the beach

"R." and her family for her birthday (investigators)

Hna S and I were walking down the street one night and a man had a parrot so we contacted him and he let us take a picture with his bird!

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