Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Missions Are Great!

November 3, 2014

So can I just say....Missions are great. Like really. This is the best thing I ever could have done in my whole life. Things here in Alcalá....are just fabulous! We were finding for a while, but now we've gathered some brilliant investigators and really gained the trust of the members. I am so grateful for all that the Lord has entrusted us with! Some of my favorite investigators are:

1. M. - She´s from Peru and has a fecha (date) for this month. Fingers crossed! She works a lot, but our lessons with her are always so powerful. She even had a dream the other night that she needs to keep meeting with us. She always is so sweet and happy too see us. I love her!

2. W. - He´s 28 and divorced. I think it´s because he´s already experience some hard trials that he´s willing to meet with us, cause lemme tell you....normally people like him don´t want to meet with us!  He also accepted our invitation to be baptized this month and once he finds he own testimony I just know he´ll be a great leader in the church. 

3. A. - He´s got to be one of the most soft spoken men I've ever met, but even though he´s soft spoken he´s got a lot to say! Haha! He always has a ton of questions. He´s agreed to be baptized if he knows it´s right, but we haven´t been able to hammer down a fecha with him. But he did bring one of his friends to church on Sunday and brought us chocolate!

4. C. - She is from Romania and adorable. She´s accepted the invitation to be baptized, but wants to know everything first. We shall see;) I don´t think I've ever met anyone with faith in God like her. She truly knows that everything she has she owes to God. Last night in the lesson with her she started crying when we told her how special and wonderful she is. I don´t think she hears that often enough. 

Funny story this week: We were at a Noche de Hogar (FHE) at some members house this week and they found out I was a cheerleader. The mom (who has grown up with the church) responded, somewhat surprised, "How were you a cheerleader if you were Mormon?!" Hahahahaha!!! Apparently the standards just weren´t matching up to her. Hahaha! So I was like "Oh that was before my mission! I´m a changed person now!" ;) Hahaha we were laughing about it for a few days after. You shoulda seen her face!

Another story: (Background: Spaniards love their dresses so there´s a ton of dress stores everywhere and we always love to see the dresses and know exactly when they change the dresses in the windows and everything.) So we were standing at a stoplight the other night and all of a sudden I remembered that the shop behind me was supposed to have changed their window dress that day so I spun around while saying "DRESS!" Right behind me there was a Spaniard about our age just laughing at me. Hahah welll whoopsie....(Lemme just add real fast that these are all wedding dresses) Annnnd then we proceeded to have an extensive conversation about how the stylist really shouldn´t have put the three different styles of material the dress had together. ¡Que será, será!

I also attended my first party with alcohol this week. Funny how things like that happen on a mission! One of the elder´s investigators who loves us, invited us over to the party because she had an investigator she wanted to give us. So we got over there and then the guests that arrived after us brought two bottles of wine! Hahaha! Everybody there was super chill! I love them! Unfortunately the girl she wanted to give us, her mom is already being taught by a different set of elders sooo they'll probably end up teaching her, but we ended up sharing a scripture with everybody at the party and got everybody´s references who weren't already being visited by the missionaries (too bad they live in Columbia and are only here on vacation!) Everybody was super interested in what we do and it was such a perfect environment to meet them. Just nice and relaxed! Annnnd it wasn´t even a member who did it! Hahaha 

I love you all!!! Cheers to a great week! (We totally did clink our soda glasses with their wine glasses btw)
Love, Hna Finch

Facebook steals for the week!  I love these people who post random pics of our missionary!

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