Saturday, November 1, 2014

Japanese Culture de Espana

October 28, 2014

This week was awesome, just fabulous! We had two investigators come to church which may not sound crazy huge, but oh it was such a blessing for us! One of them A. is very intelligent and awesome, but has some trouble believing that there´s only one true church (Elder Christofferson´s talk this conference, am I right?!) and the other D. ....haha well he's an interesting story...
We actually met D. on the streets (he´s from Africa and I think he´s done of few too many drugs in his life time, so he´s a little shaky). He approached us, calling us Elders and I was like "No. Not another drunk.." I know that´s not exactly Christlike, but we get a lot of cat calls and drunk approaches...I think it happens to all the girls here honestly. But we started talking to him and asked if we could sit down and talk to him. As soon as we sat down he started roll up a cigarette and we really didn't think we would be having another lesson with him so we just taught the Word of Wisdom. (Call to repentance, eh?) We were very bold, which I honestly think really helped, he had no questions about where we all stood. He´s met with missionaries before and has super great intentions, but he has a very large WoW problem. His fingers are stained from how much he rolls and he has tremors that roll through his whole body and he can´t be more than 35. 
We also carved some pumpkins on P-Day with the other hnas and just 4 days later one of the pumpkin was rotten and filled with this weird white spider web mold! Yuck! Oh and we got dressed in, not kimonos but some less formal, a Japanese dress by a little Japanese student! She´s adorable! 
Investigator: So this week were were finally able to meet with M.! We contacted her in the street in the middle of the transfer, but because of this or that we finally got to teach her. And oooohhh! Such a powerful lesson! We invited her to be baptized on the 23 of November sooo we´ll see what happens. Miracles are fleeting on the mission, but great to lift you up! 
CPoE: So last Monday our recent convert, L., her roommate calls us on Monday during P-Day hours (while we were getting our hot water heater fixed, did I mention our hot water hasn't exactly been working? Yep the joys of a mission;)) and tell us that we have to come over to her house right now cause she made us food (She´s an old Spanish lady = a poco demanding...) but we couldn't leave so we ended up using our only free medio dia that day to go have dinner with them and then she sent us home with two big tuppers of this suuuuper Spanish food (meat, oil, grease, cream, basically)....we gave it to the Elders;).
Love you all! Have fun in ´Merica!

L. and I got to see hna Coburn right before she went home!

Our pumpkins!

Pumpkin fight!  I think it´s obvious who won! (If you guessed me you´re correct ;)

I tried to roast some pumpkins didn´t work... :(

Also our weird molded pumpkin.

Alcalá Sisters

Also this is a giant puzzle in one of our investigators homes! It was 15,000 pieces or something! Thought Mom and my Schmutz side would appreciate it!

A tower in my area...Yeah it´s gorgeous!  
(Side note:  I (Rachel) google mapped it.  It's Archbishop's Palace)

A crazy tunnel into one of the towers we found! Woop! 

We also have Hna Snelson with us today cause her companion is traveling up to the north:)

Inside the crazy tower.

We also went to the cemetery today. It was ridiculous!

The graves!

 Yeah, people are buried in the wall!

This building is built on top of the grave then it has stairs leading down into it! This was one of the more dodgy ones. Other had like alters inside of them and stuff!

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