Friday, July 18, 2014

"Will You Help Us?"

July 17, 2014

Hola mi familia and mi amigos!

Holy Moly! I can´t believe it´s the 17th of July! I feel like it was just barely the 4th of July and we were all dressing up in red, white, and blue and singing our national anthem!!! I feel like I just barely saw my family off at the airport! But there´s only 2ish more weeks in the CCM!

The park on Saturday was fabulous! I was with Hermana Solas and there was one man we were talking to about Spanish and he said if we ever learn a new Spanish word we should write it down and then ask for help in pronouncing it. So I exclaimed “Oh! I have a whole book of Spanish words right here! Will you help us?!” And then I whipped out a Book of Mormon. In my excitement I just turned to some random scripture instead of actually choosing one with meaning. Later Sister Solas and I found the scripture we had read with him….it was about resurrection…! Haha! Bet we left some serious questions in his mind! ;)

Later that night in the park review one of the Ukrainian Elders (Imagine typical Russian demeanor who looks like a German. Super straight face, blonde, skinny elder) says – in a spiritual meeting where people are crying – “Today we saw a real gay.” We´re all busting a gut laughing. “This is not a joke. We saw the real gay.” All of this without cracking a smile! Oh it was adorable! I love my family here!

Guess what else? President Lovell assigns a topic each week and then you prepare a 5 minute talk in your mission language and prepare all week and then come Sunday 4 random missionaries are called up. I was positive it would not be me. Like so positive I didn´t prepare a talk; I just made an outline 2 days before. And guess who got called? Yours truly… BUT it was actually really good! I know I had help in giving it! The language is still rough, but at least I´m able to bear my testimony!

Last night and today my companion and I fasted before going to the temple. It was such a beautiful experience, especially having prepared so well before. I was able to have headphones during the session and listen to it in Spanish. I loved the Spirit there. I love the temples. I love all of you!

                XOXOXO, Hmna McKenna
McKenna with a sister missionary from Portugal.  I believe her name is Sister Silva.  At the Park del Retiro..

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