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July 8, 2014

July 14, 2014

Dearest Family and Friends!,
                So lemme just tell you… I LOVE going to the Retiro Park on Saturdays, and at this colossal park there is ONE bathroom that I know of. And in this one bathroom there is a man, who guards… BabaBOM… the TOILET PAPER! Seriously! There is a roll of toilet paper in the middle of the bathroom and he sits in this little closet watching the toilet paper. Apparently toilet paper is a pretty rare commodity here is Spain. I´m seriously considering going into the black market of toilet paper here…I know I would come home a millionaire.
                I love my teachers here at the C.C.M.! One of them is so funny! Imagine if Mario and Mr. Houston had a baby. That´s my teacher! He´s even going to school to become a Spanish teacher too, and we can get him to go off on tangents ;) All the people here wait a super long time before beginning their lives. For example that teacher was born in ´78! That´s 6 years younger than you mom! And guess how far he is in his degree? 2 years from getting his bachelor´s! That´s as far as I am! But that´s how everyone is here!
                Sundays here are one of my most favorite days. We have devotionals all day long basically and it´s just the best. Anywho, one many told a story of two children in Primary and one child turns to the other and says: “My grandfather is the prophet.” The other child turns, looks at the child who had just spoke and simply says: “My dad is God.” How true is that? We are our Heavenly Father´s offspring, just one step away from Him. Closer to Him then we are our own grandparents!
                Oh and speaking of generations most of the members here are converts. It´s odd to think how far back my own family goes in the church, but how many of these members had to have enough strength and determination to pave the way for their posterity. Absolutely incredible. I love them so much!
                I´ve struggled with the language, but that´s no surprise. I mean I knew I wouldn´t speak Spanish perfectly, but I did think I would speak it better! I know as long as I try my best Heavenly Father will provide the rest! I am amazed at how well I am able to give lessons to our investigators in Spanish. If anything I know the gift of tongues is real just for the fact that I am able to string together whole thoughts without too much stress in lessons and I know eventually it´ll extend to the rest of my speaking abilities!
                I love you all and wish you the best with whatever you have going on in your life right now!
Love, Hna McKenna

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