Monday, January 12, 2015

"I.'s" Baptism!!!

January 12, 2015

What a great week!!!!!!!!

Seeing as Hna Chavarria is a Sister Training leader I get to go on intercambios all the time which I looove! It's so fun to visit with new sisters! This week I was with Hna Santiago from Texas and we set like nine fechas! Just kidding... like 2 but one was in my area and the other was in hers.  We spent the day working both areas because our companions went to the mission home for the training meeting.  Basically we rock! ;) Hna Ross from Pennsylvania was in Alcala a few days later so our home was filled with Americans! It was kinda fun to just have a house full of girls hollering in English for a day:) 

This week I learned a very important lesson about service. Not gonna lie. Sometimes it's rough being around a person for 24/7. I have definitely learned a lot about humility and letting other people win. Anyways this week after a few tense days I learned the importance of service. After you think you've let go of all your pride, let go of the last scrap you've been holding onto and just serve them. I also learned the importance of cooking and eating together. I'm not gonna go into all the details, but suffice it to say: I will always cook and eat with my family. I have noticed the difference it has made in every single one of my companionships when you are working together to accomplish a small goal. The mission is a big goal and we work together for the baptisms, for the work and everything. But to have a goal as small as the food finished and eaten together...I'm voting this for the number one companionship changer.

"I." GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!! I can't believe how incredible it has been to have been there with her from the very start and see it change from our excitement for her baptism to her excitement and then to hear her share her testimony after her baptism  Before her baptism, we walked around the chapel explaining things to her mother and aunt.  How incredible. What a miracle. I am so grateful for this work. For this gospel. For this change. I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for my family and their support. We wear the last names on our name tags because we are not just representing us. We represent our families. Our family and Jesus Christ. 

CPdE: So when Hna Santiago and I were waiting for the train to go to Alcala, a man staggered up to us.  We were on this almost empty platform. The only other people were a mother and her son.  This man asks us for a cigarette. As he comes closer, we saw crosses literally engraved in his pockmarked face. We we told him we didn't have any cigarettes and he just stared at us until he saw my fork that I was using to eat my crepe with and asked for it. Oh...if it would only take my fork to get him away....I gave the fork right to him and he staggered off to the other people who had recently got onto the platform. I don't think anybody is too far for the gospel to reach them. But...oh looking into his eyes....some people are just much much farther away than others. 

5 Questions:

1.  What are some local sayings and interesting things people say in your area?
     That's wierder than a green dog. And calling everybody Tio.

2.  What is the scariest thing that has happened so far where you have felt protected as a missionary?
     Ummm when I was with Hna Coburn and the drunks chased us through the park and a mother let us blend in with her children.

3.  What do most people do in your area for work?
     Ummmm There's a lot of students who bum off their parents.

4.  What sort of things do the vendors sell in your area?  What is the most common? 
     Vendors sell....a lot of hats a scarfs right now. Also roasted chestnuts and corn.

5.  Are you doing well budgeting your money?
     I am so freaking awesome at budgeting! Despite that leak in my wallet that occurs whenever there is chocolate. I'm doing great! I've definitely learned how every penny counts!

Christmas Devotional:

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Morning:

Doing the last day of your advent calendar! It was lovely! Thank you!

My present from the white elephant exchange! Hahaha!

The night before the Reyes came there was a parade and we couldn't cross the street!  One parade of many!

Los Reyes Magos! 
Side note:  I looked online to find this about  Los Reyes Magos.    "The best-loved tradition among kids is Los Tres Reyes Magos (the Three Wise Men). Santa Claus is quite well-known as he delivers toys and presents, but the real stars in Spain are los Reyes. These Three Kings are the ones who followed a star to meet the new King of Kings (Baby Jesus) and offered him three presents: gold, frankincense and myrrh to the newborn child in Belén (Bethelem).
When December comes, all the boys and girls in Spain and Latin America start to write their letters to the Three Kings or to their favorite King: Melchor, Gaspar or Baltasar. They write about the things they'd like to receive on the morning of the 6th of January, (which is the day the presents get delivered) and also about their behavior during the year. If they've been good, they get presents; if they've been bad, they get a piece of coal.
Their Majesties travel by camel and due to the fact that they come from the East, they take a long time to arrive to Spain. Once here, they visit all the cities and villages, and listen to the kids' requests, after a spectacular parade. On the night of the 5th, the kids put their shoes by the door before going to bed so that the Kings will know how many children live there. They also put out something to eat and drink for Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, and also water and grass for the camels (true, they can last a month or more without drinking water, but that night they have a lot of work to do, so they need extra water and food).
On the morning of the 6th, children find their presents inside and outside the shoes (it's very unusual for their Majesties to bring carbones (coal) because no child really behaves so badly, and many people say it's not true that naughty girls and boys get only coal and no toys). The food and drink placed in the plates and glasses are gone. The children start playing with their toys, and excitedly wait for the next 5th of January to come around."

Diablo Burger Challenge. One of my proudest accomplishments.  
Bun: rolled in cayene pepper
Meat: normal
Layer of spicy whole peppers
Sauce: smashed up pepper with all the flavorings of the devil himself
Fries: with a layer of cayene pepper
The waver you sign before you eat: No sueing. No going to the bathroom. No one else eats your food. Do it!  


 Baptism of "I."!

Your darling (still unmarried...unlike the rest of the freakin world) daughter!

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