Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Language Learning

I have been so blessed to have been able to test out a language learning program through the MTC before I left, but before I was blessed with that chance I starting looking for other programs to help me learn Spanish.
Annnd I found this little gem:

This site is for LDS missionaries (you have to have an LDS account to login) and you'll choose whichever language you will be learning and then you can start learning the alphabet and how to pray and how to testify. All in your mission language! Perfecto!

Another huge helper has been the "Spanish for Missionaries" book. I guess you get these when you get to the MTC, but why wait?! You can buy your own at the BYU Bookstore (in person) or also online here.
This is what is should look like:
(Or whatever language you are getting, not necessarily Spanish)

So in our packets it tells us to bring scriptures in our native language. While talking with one sister she suggested bringing the smallest quad I could find in English and then a triple combination in Spanish (or whatever language you're learning).She said that once I got over to Spain I could just go out and buy a little Bible on one of my P-Days and showed me the cutest little vintage Bible she had bought on her mission.

In her words "Every kilo counts." Whatever you can get small, do it! But keep your triple combination in your mission language big because members and investigators will be reading from it!

Study your language everyday! Just read 5 verses in your mission language and 5 verses in your native language!
We can dooo it!

Annnd while I was at it I thought I would add the link to your mission portal, because I am always forgetting the address! 
Mission Portal
Hermana McKenna Finch

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