Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Let It Go, and Give It To The Lord

Let me teach you how to make my bed: 1. Place the fitted sheet and top sheet on bed. Straight. No wrinkles. Even on both sides. 2. Place heated blanket. Make sure the cord is tucked under the bed. 3 Put comforter on. Make sure tag is on the bottom of the bed and there are three quilted squares on both sides. 4. Tuck everything in military style. Tight. 5. Put levi blanket on. Tuck in. 6. Place duvet comforter on top with no wrinkles. 7. Place pillows. 
My friends know that it is most likely we will sleep on the couches and floor for sleepovers because I hate it when they throw back the covers in the morning. 
My mom knows that she cannot put away my clothes for me because she will not be able to hang up my color coordinated shirts in my closet and put my pants correctly in their places in my drawers. But nope I’m not a control freak. 
I just like things my way. 
Sometimes it is hard for me to let go and let somebody else do what they want or what they think is best. Honestly it kills me. I cringe inside when working on a project and someone is bound and determined to do something  that will undoubtedly screw up the project.
Sometimes it's hard to let go and let other people handle situations, but what about letting Heavenly Father control our situation? 
What about letting the Holy Ghost guide? 
Sometimes it's even harder to let Him control the situation than people you can actually touch and feel. 
As I was contemplating my decision to serve a mission, one returned sister missionary told me 
"Let it go, and give it to God." 
Wow. Never ever has a phrase struck me and stuck to me as long as this one has. I think it's hard for many of us to let go and completely trust the path our Heavenly Father is leading us on. We know what's best for us after all, it's our life! 
But He knows us. He knows me. 
He has seen all that I can become and has placed me in the optimal position for achieving this potential. 
So here it goes. I'm letting go! I'm giving it to the Lord. 
Hermana McKenna Finch

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