Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Mission Checklist

Well dang it! I thought I would be better at this blog posting thing...turns out it wasn't meant to be! Despite this post being to remind me that I still have a blog I think I'm going to make a list of everything I still need or want to do before leaving on my mission.

  • Make a tulle skirt! I saw a Pinterest (I know, how typical sis mish...right?) tutorial and it looks so easy and cute and I want one!
  • Organize and create a binder to help me come back to real life after the mission instead of floundering around:
    • how to get back into school
    • my class schedule
    • housing
    • plan to start looking for a new car
    • plan to start looking for a new job
    • financial budget
  • Move all my stuff from my apartment back home
  • Sell my car
Ok, I think that's it! My to do list, guess we'll have to see how it works!
Hermana McKenna Finch

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